Double Count and DIsplay of Just One Offer on Offer Accept/Reject/Counter Page

This is second time this has happened. Offer is made. I get notice there are two offers. I click to see offers. One item has been counted twice, and is displayed twice. I click the first one to accept. Both disappear. Only one offer appears then as accepted. I have attached screen shot of this behavior.HipStampDoubleOfferError


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  • It's the same guy making the same offer at 2 different times. The first was at 10:30 on 3/12/2020 and the second was made at 12:18 on 3/12/2020 and since it's the same listing both would disappear after you accepted the first offer as it would now show as being sold.
  • Ah, that explains it. I think he is new to HipStamps from our email correspondence before the purchase.
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