New seller seeking advice

I'm a New seller, an advanced collector but new to selling on HipStamp. Can any veteran sellers share some good advice and tips with me? Is listing in a store worth it? Linking with ebay helpful? Is there a best time for auction listings to end? Weekends? Thank you!


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  • Hi Steve,

    Don't know if I can really help. but will give you my thoughts.

    Each seller needs to decide what works best for him or her. Personally I now only list stamps in my store. I have tried auctions, but never realized the amount I felt the stamp was worth. Felt like I was giving my stamps away. That being said, I have seen many others sell at auction for way more than I felt they were worth. Some sellers only use auctions, so this faster turnover must work for them otherwise they wouldn't continue selling that way.

    My policy is to list stamps at a fair price and wait for a buyer to come along. I have been doing this for many years and some stamps have taken several to sell. Others are still in my store waiting. Other stamps listed sell rather quickly, some within days or a few weeks. Personally I'm in no rush to sell my stamps and I'm willing to wait. I have thousands of additional stamps still needing my attention and waiting for their chance to find their way into someone else's collection.

    Good luck in your selling endeavors.

  • 1. answer every inquiry, you never know WHO has $1,000 to spend or $10. 2. Do what you say you will do quickly. 3. You can't over describe unless it's dishonest. 4. Never use an image that is NOT what's being sold. 5. Don't feel a request for authentication is impugning your knowledge. 6.Take good care in shipping, it shows your professionalism. 7. Respect all collectors regardless of level of proficiency. 8. Have fun
  • Rene Bravo, I read these discussions for my own edification and I've noticed your comments. You are always spot-on with your advice, just like in this case. Thank you.
  • Bravo Rene.
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    Thank you kindly , I DO enjoy stamps !
  • Thank you all!
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