Is There a Mechanism to Report Buyers Claiming Non-Receipt of Shipment?

I am experiencing long delays in delivery within the USA right now. Some items have taken 4 - 5 weeks to be delivered. One customer in Texas even found a post from their post office acknowledging long delays. So finally I have a customer reporting they have not received the items after six weeks. I will of course refund their purchase amount. But it raises the question: if there is no way for sellers to report that a buyer has claimed non-receipt of an item, there is no way to know if buyers are engaging in this as a pattern of behavior. I would suggest it would be prudent to track buyers who claim non-receipt of items. For those of you who will jump in and say we should all be using tracking, when you sell a stamp for a couple of bucks, buyers are not going to pay more for the first class package with tracking than they did for the stamp. I basically self-insure for anything under $200. For all items over that, I build insurance with tracking into the shipping prices. I scanned the forums, and I see there are multiple people reporting claims of non-receipt of mailed purchases. So wondered if tracking such claims would not be a bad idea.


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  • Just as a followup, I received msg from buyer in Europe this morning, still has not received mail sent Apr 4th. That is seven weeks. Perhaps admins at HipStamp could post something prominent on site when purchase is made warning that there are delays in mail not just worldwide but nationwide?
  • Again, mail has been delayed due to the virus. Also, if you're not shipping stamps overseas by international parcel, and used a customs form, then it may never arrive. You know the rules, and the problems.
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