Is it possible to remove foreign shipping option w/o affecting domestic USA shipping option?

I am experiencing such delays in shipping worldwide outside the USA, even a customer just told me their post office told them nothing is moving, that I think I will need to just remove option to ship worldwide. Is there a way to do a mass change to all listings that removes the shipping for outside USA without touching the shipping option for domestic USA?


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  • You can go to members area, Seller Listings, select all listings, go to bottom of screen and choose Bulk Edit, change the postage setting to delete international selections.
    One word of caution, when you have completed this task then all your listings will have the same domestic cost. In my case I have some heavier items that I have a different domestic shipping cost on.
  • You could download all your listings, change it in a spreadsheet and then reload. That way it wouldn't change your domestic postage. I was considering doing this but 99% of my sales here are international, being in Australia. I am considering just closing my store for the duration instead.
  • Don't forget to go under postage set up and change the locations there also,otherwise any new items you list will default to those settings.
  • How do I download all listings to a spreadsheet? If I reload, will it create duplicate listings?
  • How do I download all listings to a spreadsheet? If I reload, will it create duplicate listings?
  • OK, I see the EXPORT option at bottom of listings. But do I just reupload, and it overwrites existing listings?
  • Ron,

    You don't have to do that and it's really simple to change them and it's faster than waiting for the file to download and then upload it after doing what you have to do with the postage.

    Just go under listings and click open listings. On the left hand side is the grey box next to listings. Click that and then check all listings. Go the bottom of the page and then click bulk edit. In that box scroll down to shipping and under postage delete the locations that you no longer will ship to. Then click the orange box that says update listings and bingo you're done. (It only takes a couple of minutes)

    Just remember that you have to change your default postage settings first.
  • Michael Duehr,

    If this will not affect the domestic USA shipping I will do it. I spend several hours updating all items (about 1700 at the time), so I included insurance on all items over $200. Don't want to loose that and have to redo it. Thanks for the advice. I am getting really bummed about the postal delivery situation. I have had to refund over $30 in past week, due to people saying they never received items ordered, which of course I put in the mail. I use CD mailers to protect stamps, and pay the non-machinable surcharge, which may slow down delivery, but not that much. And I was stunned by the foreign customer who was told by his post office stuff just was not being delivered right now, the whole system is breaking down.

    Bummer at a time when my sales are at all time high steady pace, and I have hundreds of items ready to put into store.
  • Ron,

    As long as when you go to bulk update the listings,leave the US shipping alone and it will be fine. (I have had to edit my listings a numbers of times this year because of this situation and it only takes a few minutes to do)

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