Help identify King someone. 6d Stamp..

Greetings and thank you for any assistance. I'm having a hard time finding a match for this one. Any help is appreciated.



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  • It is Great Britain Cut Square From Some type of Postal Stationery , King George VI 1937-1952.
  • Hi Harry. Thank you. Do you know if there were any unperf'd issues? It is definitely not part of an envelope.
  • Ray, How Thick is the paper? Possibly From a Postal Card or a Registration Envelope. This Design was not used as a Postage Stamp.
  • It's paper thin. Def not a post card. On a envelope are the stamps laminated on it or printed on the envelope. Image (68)
    Here is a zoomed out scan. You can see the edges on the stamp to the paper.
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    Found it maybe...
    1943 King George VI 6d airletter catalog# AP2?
  • Ray, Yes Airletter Sheet / Aerogramme cut square. Of little or no value as a piece unfortunately. I have one on an envelope used as a stamp. I don't think it was valid for postage this way but went through the mails anyway.
  • I believe that British cut outs are legal to use like that. In the US they are not.
  • Michael, Thank you I will look that up next time I see the cover.
  • Yes good point Michael, most of those have been used.
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