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I am a new customer here but have used E bay a lot in the past. So far, I have sent 3 questions to sellers concerning the stamps that I was interested in. Have not received ONE answer! So, in good faith, I went ahead and placed a small order to see how that would go. So far the seller has not acknowledged the questions sent or order placed last Friday 6/12/20. Wonder how I get my money back from Pay Pal. Guess I should contact PP for that question. Probably my last order here, if anyone was to care.


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  • Yes, those sellers should have replied. I would have anyway, and most here as well. However, I wouldn't throw in the towel after just a weekend. If you still want the items give the seller and mail system some time and then if you don't receive the items you can get a refund via PayPal. I don't think Hipstamp has anything to do with their non-response, just some bad apples. Hipstamp can also help via this process:
  • You placed the order on a Friday. Then there was the weekend. Monday is the next business day. Give the seller a couple of business days to respond/ship your order for crying out loud.
  • Thank you. I just don't think that they are so busy that they couldn't respond. The questions were ask about the offer a week ago. Thank you gentlemen.
  • I think some sellers and buyers are not even aware of the HipStamp internal messaging system.

    Early on when we started using this new platform, I discovered I had overlooked a couple of messages because the notification here can be fairly subtle.

    Similarly, I've had numerous occasions where I tried to contact a buyer through this system. After a few days, I sent them an email directly (since I had their address through PayPal) and then I heard back quickly. Over time, I just now send messages at the same time through both methods, HipStamp and email. I think only once have I ever gotten a response back through the HipStamp system.

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    Don't all HipStamp messages also go to your email address? They do for me, and I don't see a way to turn that off, but I may have missed it. Maybe they get confused by what they mean...oh well.
  • Michael they do get a notice, but maybe they don't bother opening it because they think its just advertising. Hipstamp is not always obvious. I have customers who have ordered hundreds of stamps on dozens of occasion and I very often have to send them an Email because they don't read their messages. Same for feedbacks, they can't seem to find where and how to fill them even after 30+ orders...I guess they are satisfied!
  • Sellers are here for one reason: to sell. Often, Hip is not the only site they sell on so if anyone gets an impression they're not busy, oh well... Add the weekends (as rightly pointed out by Michael G) and personal errands to the mix and you may get a delay in responding. I answer queries withing 24hrs and often within 1 hour but everyone has their own routine.
    Keep it all in perspective
  • I am new to and have items on eBay but are probably going to leave eBay due to the recent changes. It does seem that Hipstamp will be a good marketplace but I wonder it the traffic will pick up. Check out my items under seller. ashley. THANKS
  • Haven't done anything on ebay recently. What changes have they made?
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