Lots Closed/Not sold but are relisted question

How can I tell if a lot is Closed and not being relisted? When I create a list of items closed and not sold, it includes items that are being relisted automatically. That makes it impossible to tell which items are really closed and not offered anymore. Thanks for any help. New seller here.


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  • You may want to consider listing all of your items as store items. Once listed as store items, in bulk you can select items from the Members Area > Selling > Listings page and send them to auction using the "Auction" button. If they do not sell at auction - the original store items are restored. So you would never need to relist any items - just send the items in question to auction when you want accordingly.
  • Thanks, Great idea!
  • Will they sync to Ebay when they go back in the store if they don't sell at auction OR does sync only import items from an Ebay store into HipStamp?
  • If you send an item which is synced from ebay, to auction on HipStamp, the original listing on ebay will automatically be ended once the auction on HipStamp receives its first bid (since we know at that point it will sell). Otherwise, if it never receives and bids - it would never be ended on ebay.
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