How do I leave feedback for sellers?


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  • From the Home Page, scroll all the way down and click on 'My Account.' Next click on 'Member's Area'.........then 'Feedback'.......and finally on 'Leave Feedback' (at the right side of the page).
  • Couldn't this be made simpler? All of these clicks may be discouraging some buyers from leaving feedback. I would think we'd want to do all we can to encourage feedback.
  • should just be in sold items
  • Here a click, there a click. Everywhere a click click. It's like High School again, the clicks are so thick. Hopefully over time this will improve significantly. I agree that people are discouraged from leaving feedback due to the complexity of finding it... and there are no "reminders" after a transaction is completed to indicate that you should consider going and leaving feedback (like on the old BidStart Selling Screen when the icon next to the listing wasn't colored in until feedback was left).
  • I really miss the set up templates for leaving feedback. We could set up 8 for various reasons. Now I have to actually type in the whole sentence! I'm old, I need the templates back! I know, I'm just joking, but I really do miss them.
  • I wasn't around for the first year + of BidStart and missed the early growing up phase. In the end, Mark set a high bar for himself with BidStart when it comes to developing the new HipStamp site. HipStamp is off to a very good start. When HipStamp begins to employ more of the best characteristics of BidStart that we all miss, it should be a phenomenal site. I'm looking forward to the evolution of HipStamp.
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