Trying to educate myself by reading past posts in Forums. I'm still new here and not a high roller, but I've made a few purchases. Overall, I've been very happy with the stamps I bought and the service I've received. Had a couple of glitches come up but able to work things out amicably. I have asked questions and gotten very helpful answers. I am amazed at the knowledge and credentials of members and thankful that they take the time to give guidance to a new collector.
One thing I have noticed while reading through these Forums is that a lot of the posts are from sellers complaining about buyers. Buyers who don't pay. Buyers who ask too many questions. Buyers who complain about S&H charges. Buyers who make very small purchases. Buyers who are impatient. Buyers who leave negative feedback. And on and on.
Do you really want to do your laundry in public like that? Buyers, like me, can and do read these posts. There are names I see repeatedly in Forums, some I recognize as helpful, friendly folks and some I recognize as curmudgeons who disdain buyers. Maybe a seller-only forum, not visible publicly, to vent on would be a good idea.
Just my observations. Thanks.


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    Hi John and welcome to Hipstamp and these forums. Glad you have had mostly positive experiences with purchases and have found the forum's contributors to be sources of helpful insights and philatelic knowledge. I, too, benefit from their collective (pun intended) contributions. I believe the majority of things discussed revolve around the informative side of our hobby. I hope you are able to step into a seller's shoes in some of the postings and understand from their perspective some of the concerns you've mentioned. Often we are exploring how others have handled particular issues ( I'll grant you, not always in the most constructive manner) to better our selling experiences. I readily agree I'm not a fan of unproductive griping. While some posters merely echo the complaint, I'm encouraged by those, often fellow sellers, who call out such ranting while others pass along helpful guidance. You'll note the forum home has a section for suggestions to the site administrator inwhich some of the problems can be addressed. Speaking to a few of the topics brought up, can you get a sense of the frustration when sellers are given negative feedback without the opportunity of working out solutions? Or having to take the brunt of S&H charges frequently dictated by postal mandates despite publishing said costs (often with explaination) in the listings? By nature of attending fees, very small purchases can result in no financial gain or even losing money as well as the time spent scanning and listing and mailing. Hopefully, you can appreciate behind the sometimes gruff tone of such venting there may be a degree of legitimacy. Anyway, please know my thoughts here are intended to be received in a manner which acknowledges your observations, yet with an intent to offer another viewpoint to consider.
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    Kind of funny... on a related note, there used to be a chat room just for Sellers back in the old StampWants days. Anybody remember the old Community Forum / Wiki?
    I'm not sure if it's a good idea or a bad idea, but if you wear your opinions on your sleeves in a public forum, then you need to accept the consequences of possibly offending someone. But hearing stories of what other dealers have dealt with can be beneficial, as we all learn from it. But simply venting? Eh, probably not a good business move.
  • I apologize to any sellers who were offended by my post. I do understand that buyers can have unreasonable expectations, or worse. And I have also seen posts from buyers complaining about sellers and even naming names. Not cool in my book. At least I haven't seen sellers post names of bad buyers. And I have to admit, I have learned from some of the complaints sellers posted.
    I was not trying to say, "you are jerks, and I know who you are." I was saying, "be careful what you say, because everyone knows who you are.
    Thanks everybody.
  • No worries, John. :smile:
  • Seriously, very important observation from John M. Personally I enjoy this rare interaction with folks who love stamps like I do. Back in the brick and mortar days of Stamp Stores, there were some old, cranky dealers and others who would tolerate “the kids” just bopping around the shop . That’s all gone now , but just like then , sellers come in all flavors emotionally. Now I love to hunt for that 122 or 523 or the perfect C13-15 plate blocks on line , but I do miss the musty , cluttered stamp stores and sellers . But if the price and item is right , grumpy or not , I’ll buy from you .
  • Several years ago I worked for a dealer who treated his customers and staff very rudely (which is why I quit). Nevertheless, his customers would return and buy from him because he had what they wanted at competitive prices. I asked a long-time customer why he put up with his abuse. He replied, "Because, I don't have to go home and sleep with him !"
  • ON a Very Personal Note TO ALL of you Regulars in the Forum: MY MOST Gratuitous THANKS!! For ALL the GREAT info and opinions that helped Guide me in the last couple of years!! I have become a more discerning BUYER/Collector and "Walking a mile ," in a Sellers shoes, has helped me to be More understanding and better at dealing with a PERCEIVED situation, concluding most times in a WIN/WIN!! The Older I get(63) the more I see that a lot of people have changed, COMPROMISE & Manners are falling by the way side. Younger people seem to only be interested in their OWN FEELINGS, Not caring about ANYONE Else in the process! It is sad that interpersonal Communication( just talking it out) has become a thing of the Past and "Going to the BOSS" to complain has become the Norm. So Sad that Civility has LOST its place in todays WORLD!!! Again MY Thanks to All of you who have reminded and Re-Educated me about WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT!! With Warmest Regards, Jeff Frazier; Collector/Buyer/Seller/Continuing Member of the Human Race!
  • Agree with you conclusion Jeff. I’m going to start selling off parts of my collection soon ( actually I’d call it the accumulation portion ) and will open an online store .
  • I for ONE, would be very Honored and INTERESTED in YOUR ACCUMULATIONS Rene!!!!!! Are you going to have a Mailing List?? If so May I be included on IT??? And Yes you are ONE of the people I have learned from, Be Well AND I AM WAITING!! hahaha
  • Thank you Jeff, collecting stamps is a wonderful tool for learning and simple fun. Your words are so kind.
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