Threshold for denial of "item out of stock" requests

Occasionally I run into an out of stock situation. It is usually on low value items that were automatically ported from Bidstart. So this is old inventory and may have been sold offsite or just misplaced. When I refund the customer and make requests for a selling fee refund, I receive this rather ominous sounding message...

"Are you sure that you want to open a new request?

In general Sellers should avoid cancelling a transaction because they do not have the item to send as this is considered a transaction defect and may affect their performance level."

I understand that Hip does not want sellers to upload inventory they don't own but this is very open ended. How is this measured? What constitutes "performance level". If there is a threshold, what is it? $ value... % of sales.... It is possible that this is defined in the terms and conditions and I just missed it. That said some clarity on this issue from Hip admin would be appreciated.



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  • Is this a new message? I don't recall seeing it in the past, and I have not requested a selling fee refund in some time. And the "transaction defect" and "performance level" deals are new to me, too. Are we notified of what our performance level is?
  • This site is getting to be like eBay!
  • It doesn't sound like Hipstamp wording - are you positive that you got this message while on Hipstamp? Mark should chime in here.
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    It's been our policy since day one that when you sell an item - you need to complete the transaction. That's pretty basic stuff. We don't post specific thresholds, because there's a wide variety of factors that are taken into consideration regarding canceled sales, feedback, etc.

    In general, if canceling a transaction because you no longer have an item in stock is a rare occurrence, and you have a strong feedback score - there's nothing to worry about. We of course understand that mistakes happen. If, however, 1 out of every 10 items you sell are out of stock on an ongoing basis - you'll promptly be suspended from HipStamp.
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    Thanks for the response. Perhaps a warning from Admin if a seller is approaching the danger zone of this "wide variety of factors" would be appropriate.

  • Sounds somewhat like an Ebay style Draconian policy?
  • Tania,

    Yes it does.
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