What’s The Best Method To Organize A Collection As A Beginner ?

I’m new to stamp collecting.What is the best way to organize a collection?
Are small stacking plastic bins a bad idea?


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  • When I started I put each country of my foreign stamps in a separate glassine envelope. Then I graduated to a stockbook and organized the stamps by country, they were easier to see all of them. Then I got a International Volume 1 album which was 1840-1940 since I liked older stamps, but there are many worldwide albums that are a lot easier to use and fill up.
  • Thank you. I have glassine envelopes & a Lighthouse stock book.
    I have plans to introduce my granddaughters to stamp collecting and ordered a globe & several stamps.
  • If I were to get child interested in stamps I would create my own pages via a computer and printer. Add a photo or two of the topic at top with a colorful heading. Make a few pages of topics that will hold there attention like kittens/cats, horses, dolls or whatever young girls like these days. If you go straight to the geography / history path you may lose them. Let them mount the stamps with the matching theme on these pages and once you got them hooked you can take out the globe and make it a game of where is that horse or kitten stamp from? Just my suggestion, hope you are successful.

  • I’ve inherited a wonderful mess of amazing! I just don’t know where to start either. I figure I’d just buy a few stamp collector books and start adding them alphabetically by country, year, and aesthetically pleasing. C60E9921-9AEC-4E7C-9F65-30743BFA25BE
  • You might consider using some stockbooks first to help organize them then they can go into an album in a more orderly fashion. Plus you don't need hinges for stockbooks since hinging a previously unhinged stamp can possibly decrease value, sometimes significantly depending on the particular stamp. And George, don't start on the unhinged part of this. Mouse may not approve and I'm sure he quite the provider of approvals!!!
  • When I returned to the hobby after an absence of many years, I expanded my collection by buying several cheap old albums online so I could concentrate on a few countries.
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