Help needed on Greek stamps

Can anybody help out on this? Went through Scott Greek section and also the "states" and Thrace...N998*


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  • Epirus Scott N23 & 26. Scott notes counterfeits exist.
  • Thanks for your answer! For confirming what I thought... But this is another instance were Scott is not very clear. Because they give one example of horizontal overprint and doesn't mention vertical sideways ovpt with different wording and my Greek is not very good!
  • Actually Scott does show that exact overprint right above N17.
  • Ouch! I was looking at N17 Lemnos... I told you my Greek is bad! I never thought of looking at Epirus. Thanks again, especially because of the difference in cost! Now I understand the counterfeits, because at 0,25 I didn't understand people would bother!
  • They would bother if their intent is to defraud their postal service by using and/or selling the stamps to people to use for mailings..
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