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  • I think you need to start following the advice of many on this forum and start learning to fish for yourself!
    Just posting a series of images with no questions on what you are trying to find out and also no information on what you have so far found out for yourself is just a waste of other forum users time.
  • We all had to learn our own ways. I agree that it might be good to invest, in your case, a copy of the US Scott Specialty Catalog. It doesn't have to be brand new. One even five years old would help you a great deal and can be had at very reasonable cost from sellers on this site or others. Almost all of your questions can be answered through the information in that catalog as it appears most of your questions are regarding US stamps. Not trying run you off from the forum but a little bit of research on your own with proper tools and techniques will pay off for you. Best of luck in finding that life changing stamp! Most, if not all of us, fail at that endeavor though.
  • According the perforation 10 these stamps can be considerer Scott 557 C. I will appreciate your thoughts and commentts. Thanks
  • Lear how to use a perf guage. They are not perf 10.
  • I've noticed most of the stamps you've shown, as with this one, do not indicate the perf gauge you claim. Why do you say this is perf 10, when the perforations, clearly, do not align on the left side?
  • Perforation gage and ruler all-in-one. :-)img487
  • For the the many new collectors here... The perf guides that ring Bonapartes gage shown above are meant for use with a stamp on cover or document. Thus not free to lay across the center horizontal rows. This is a great tool!
  • Thanks Dan , good info . Maybe we should have a “new to collecting “ section ? Also , we assume folks know our language and vernacular. Basic sessions- how to determine perforations, watermark, Mount a stamp , accurate measuring devices , How to read a Scott’s Catalogue . These are skills we absorbed in the 1960s ( for me), but are new to many .
  • I had two wonderful mentors when I took over my sister's hobby. She was one and the other is a very dear friend. I asked only him some really silly questions. But one thing my sister told me. Read the Scott's book. Almost all the answers I wanted/needed were right in the front of the book. It is a great resource. I used Wikipedia a lot, and the internet is amazing. I had a lot to learn, and am still learning, in a matter of a few months. But I also listened to all the great comments on this forum and well as others.

    So to a new stamper, read the catalogue research on your own and then try to find a very kind mentor. They are out there, you just have to expose yourself to stamp clubs or forums.

    And my lesson for today: that stamp gauge shown by Bonaparte, I didn't know could be used for stamp on cover! I wondered why the hole was there. So thank you.

    See, read and listen to the all great wise people here. They accidently share their knowledge.

    Love ya'll.
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