Paste-up Pairs

Am I blind? I can't find "Paste-up Pairs" in the 2021 Scott Specialized catalog. I hope somebody can give me a page number.



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  • Wow. It appears that I'm not the only one who can't find the page. Did Scott do away with it????
  • Try pages 613-620 - Vending & Affixing Machine Perforations and Imperforate Flat Plate Coil Stamps
  • The actual page numbers will vary depending on what year the catalog is. They are listed right after the Vending & Affixing Machine Perforations.
  • The pages which contain Paste-Up Pairs are from the 2021 Scott Specialized Catalogue as per the question.
  • I added the notation on the page since not everyone has the same year catalog who might also want to know where paste up pairs are listed.
  • Thanks guys. It's been a couple of years or more since I ran across a paste-up pair. As I recall, Scott Specialized used to have a page just for paste-ups, and a listing in the Table of Contents. But, my memory is often faulty. Thanks again.
  • Bob - You're Welcome!

    Bill - Good idea regarding your notation. Sorry, didn't mean to sound so "cranky"
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