Stamp relisted when it should be closed

I use bulk lister all the time. I triple check the quantities before posting. Too many times a customer buys something and the stamp should be closed and shows up as 3 or 5 quantities, none are in stock. Has this happened to anyone else?


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  • Usually the only reason I need to cancel a sold item, is because for some reason it was listed twice, and I check all the time, but sometimes, the item just listed does not show up, so I "presume" I made a mistake and I resist it. But the main reason for OOS stamps are that you have to always check the quantities because when you list an item, the system always has the quantities of the previous item listed or in my case' I very often use a old item has a template...but I miss the original quantities. The quantity should be by default 1. Having said this, I don't use bulk lister but I do list a LOT and I spend enormous time checking sold items, just in case a duplicate listing still exist.
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