Drop in Sales

We had so many sales we were having trouble keeping up with they and then late last week nothing. We have had no sales since last Thursday. It is just like our account was closed, but that is not the case. Any thoughts?


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  • I'm in the same boat, although I got some sales on eBay today as auctions ended, but there is definitely a lull.
    My guess is its a combination of the Covid BS lightening up, and in some parts of the country, like here in the Northeast, Spring is in the air, and after being cooped up for so long, people just want to get out of their houses to feel some sense of normalcy again, albeit very little.
    One upside I see is that competition for large lots of both stamps and covers has also dropped off, so now appears to be a good time to restock as we wait for people to return to the stamp nooks.
  • You are not alone in this situation! I am seeing the same thing. No sales for the last 10 days. Highly unusual! Time to get more stuff out there!
  • I just participated in the Golden Oak Auction on SAN. The number of unsold lots and those sold under estimate was striking.
  • George, I just look at the auction and the results were very sobering. Not a lot of interest right now.
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    I thought the Golden Oak reserves/starting bids were pretty aggressive... meaning on the high side. Not surprised to see alot of these lots passed.
  • After having to shut down for close to 3 weeks for medical reasons I am pleased with sales since starting back up. Even during my "vacation" some orders came in. I have been in the stamp business since the 1960's, and over the years there have always been "lulls" . If sales are slow just get more stamps listed.

  • People are on spring break with their family, people are doing their federal and state income taxes, the weather is getting nicer so people are doing outdoor activities, etc. Other than that, read Dennis's post above.
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    Yes when I was running shows back in the 80's the sales would always drop in the spring but would pick up somewhat in the summer because of the air conditioning. It has been that way back since the 70's. What disturbed me was the lack of interest in the auctions. I do not know if they had any reserves but many of what sold were below the suggested bids from what I saw.
  • i have over 250 lots to ship out. i can not keep up. i work 10 to 12 hours a day.
  • It's easier for me now when I see that I'm not lonely :). I started looking at the number of reviews, nothing changes...
  • I woke up to an increase in orders, and the currently running Dutch Country Auction is on fire on SAN, so maybe the lull was brief and is now over LOL. The downside....no bargains to be had on SAN :(
  • I noticed that when The American Philatelist reaches the APS members, there is an upshot in orders.
    I received my copy yesterday and got two nice high value orders..

  • Sorry. I'm buying as fast as I can :)
  • My sales are not down, on average I sell between 3 to 4 times as much has a year ago. Customers see coming back for more and plus lots of new customers are ordering. I even had the surprise of getting 2 orders from customers I hadn't seen since Bidstart days!

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