Telegraph Revenue Fiscal Specimens Poster Stamps Discussions Thread (please stay on topic here)

An interesting Piece seldom seem From Italy Revenue Stamp Fiscal Vedite Al Minuto Rouletted- Rarely ever see the mnh with the"25" stamp attached. Not greatly valuable in my opinion but scarce as seen. For Italy Collectors.. something Different. :-)


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    A full sheet of these came with one row Vertical of the 25design and 60 stamps total so 10 +50= 60stamps per sheet
  • 1a
    These are fun - mostly all different years with dates stamped on the backs. all USA. The Canada ones are listed in various catalogs and these are starting to become more researched.
  • Back side of these 1b
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    interesting MNH Gum precancel pair on an earlier stamp issue USA I have noticed a lot more collectors of Precancels and Perfins of all countries. Canada, France, Germany all seem to be very popular countries to collect Perfins.
  • Interesting, but did I miss the question being asked? Nice stamp show presentations though.
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    Question? the point is to ""Discuss and Share"" the subject of Telegraph Revenue Fiscal Specimens Poster Stamps Discussions Thread (please stay on topic here) I or others can ID or share info to also include Fantasy, locals, Proofs, Taxpaids, Charity seals Worldwide, state and local tax revenue stamps, perfin and precancels. But remarks are welcome as it seems to be the most commonly share on this forums.

    I am not a collector of stamps I am a Cinderella dealer with 35 years experience selling this Material. So yes I am fully qualified to do this. :-) I have noticed at least 3 other large Fantastically Qualified dealers on Hipstamp of this type of material, also. glad to say. That is a lot of knowledge. No Bandwidth shortage at hipstamp of this rarely participated in forums- so why not try to get more activity here?

    I have to wonder why the reluctance to get the forums here more professional? Participation from many sellers starts with the posters showing some respect. So maybe not try to run people off would be a great way to try to breathe a little fresh air into this forums? A good forums is the start of a good site that is visited by many and results in Sales and good material posted to be Purchased.
  • "So maybe not try to run people off would be a great way to try to breathe a little fresh air into this forums" Oh the hypocrisy.
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    Trolling me to get a rise is not ON TOPIC :-) comical perhaps.. but
  • Hey Jerry, while I have refrained from further humor in YOUR forum, seeing you have no sense of humor to which I am aware, several of your recent contentions, nonetheless, need addressing and then I will leave you to your largely self-posting, self-directing, little responded to forums. These are my opinions of course, but then everyone is entitled to them. I would wish you to know my posts on Hipstamps have included queries, identification help, stamp-related opinions, commending other contributors and Hipstamp people, and yes humor sometimes .... but it was never meant to sabotage or kill a forum's existence as you seemed to have imputed were my motives. Or claiming without substantiation, that such injections of humor
    drive off serious contributors. Further, I am not trolling you, only pointing out how hypocritical and intolerant your comment was in light of your previous postings scolding behavior not to your liking, to the extent of shouting (with capitals) stay off this sight unless you follow my directives. It appears to me that you tend to over-reach your authority here in trying to control these forums, wishing to limit them to only serious discussions. Frankly, this would be a dryer, less inviting place were this adhered to as evident by the paltry replies in such forums. I'm thankful Mark moderates with a wider latitude regarding the permitted variety of comments and content. Having now vented, I will honor your request and you can go on with your slideshows.
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    and again you are posting OFF TOPIC. :-) Really ron.. ?? LOL

    this thread in now ruined- so i will start another one. :-)
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