Help Needed Identifying Stamps

Someone please tell me what these stamps are? They were sent by a dealer who included absolutely no workable way to identify him or the stamps. I hate it when they do that! Thanks. John HixsonIMG_0577


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  • Hi John,

    1916-1917 Ostland - Listed under Russia German Occupation Stamps. N1 - 24c, N3 - 65c, N8 - $1.00
  • Thanks for replying, Jeri. But I'm still at a loss. I can't locate these stamps either in Germany nor Russia. And of course there is no Ostland in my Scotts Internat'l album. Could you perhaps be more specific?
  • Listed under RUSSIA in Scott's Catalogue - after the Airmails - Occupation Stamps - Issued Under German Occupation. In the 2021 catalogue listing is on page 595. Occupation Stamps always have an "N" before the number.
  • If you have a older catalogue look under Lithuania
  • Listed in German Michel Catalogue -Postgebeit Oberbefehlshaber OST.
    Michel 1, 3 and 8 . Pretty inexpensive.
    Deutsche Besetzungsausgaben 1914/1918
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