Stop sending email requests to buyers

Really annoying to keep getting spammed with ads from sellers. No matter how many times I unsubscribe, I keep getting this annoying requests/emails over and over. Stop this crap. Why do sellers think buyers are not capable of searching for stamps on their own?


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  • I t's not the sellers it is Hipstamp automatically sending these emails.I get them also. They are sent depending upon what I may search for.
  • As far as I know all the advertising emails sent by Hipstamp have a place on them to unsubscribe. Just click on that link and you will be unsubscribed.
  • I have them all off; they aren't coming from Hipstamp, but from buyers that want traffic back to their listings on this site.
  • Can you contact the seller and ask to be removed from their mailing list?
  • To respond to Luree, I'm pretty sure that per HipStamp's terms and conditions, sellers are not allowed to market directly to buyers vis their own email lists. (I'm sure I'll be corrected if I'm wrong). I do know that with a featured or premium account, sellers have access to HipStamps own marketing through email newsletters. I did this myself and they send out a generic email newsletter about every two or three weeks through their service. I also can contact my account rep and ask them to customize the emails to promote a special I may be running or focus on some new material I may have posted. Each of those newsletters have an "unsubscribe" option attached to them so anyone can opt out of those at any time. I suppose that if one of my customers asks me to remove them from my own store's newsletters, I can contact my HS rep and ask them to do just that.

    Having said all that, I personally get HS emails all the time and they don't really bother me much but I can see if a given buyer receives not only general HS emails but store specific emails from many sellers, that can be a bit aggravating if there a lot of them. I would think though (a bit of speculation here) that if one wishes to not receive emails from HS itself or any individual seller, they could contact HS and have them do just that. Just my 2 cents.
  • I understand and you are correct that we can not sell directly to a customer. I was asking if the OP had contacted the sellers directly to be removed. At that time the seller could contact HS rep to have him removed. I have done that for my buyers and they appreciate it.
  • Luree, absolutely agree. If someone asked me to be removed from my store's newsletter email, I would contact my HS rep and take care of that for them. Stated that in my post. Easy enough.
  • I simply click unsubscribe when I get said emails; but they just keep coming. Really just don't understand why sellers think buyers are not smart enough to look for what they might want to buy without emails and spam; not like people sit around and hope that a seller will email them so they can buy something that they can simply search for any time they want to. Was hoping there was some way to opt out of just getting the annoying things in the first place.
  • Andy, with all due respect, the emails you receive from HipStamp are not in the control of the sellers with the exception of those sellers who may have set up a newsletter as part of their store subscription. For those that are sent by HipStamp, you should deal directly with them as to why you continue to receive them after you unsubscribe. For those that are sent from HipStamp on behalf of a particular store, I would suggest that you contact both HipStamp and the particular seller on the matter. I really don't think that sellers think that buyers are not smart enough to do their own searches without emails. I certainly don't and the sellers that I do know do not think that way either. I really am just trying to help you here and I do certainly understand. I get a ton of spam and phishing and other crapola all day long myself.
  • All the emails that are sent out by Hipstamp for me have an unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email. I assume that the emails sent out by Hipstamp for other dealers have the same link. just click on it and you are off the email list maintained by Hipstamp for that dealer.
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