Website Partially Down ?



  • Have now lost 16 stamps since the fix unless these are now pending in someone's cart, but didn't think cart items were eliminated from inventory.
  • I'm going to wait to do anything. Maybe in a week all the problems will be resolved.
  • My listings keeps going up and down, I dont pay for a car that doesnt work but stuck with this problem, surely when you pay for goods you expect them to work.
  • This is a system wide problem. I tried going to the members area tonight and all I got was an old DOS type page. (Not in the old yellow words and a black background). It took a couple of times to get to the members area. I tried getting into the forum section and it took me 3 times to be able to get in. I hope they have not been hacked.
  • The message about the problem at the top of the page is now gone. Does that mean the problem was fixed?
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    Nope, still have my problems.

  • My favorite dealer this morning is showing 4000 fewer items. Also still some delay between screens.
  • Hard work behind the scenes! Good to see the progress is ongoing! Good work TEAM!
  • I listed 300 stamps today with no problem and all my listings are there. Happy camper here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    All issues related to any items not appearing in all applicable searches should now be fully resolved. Note that this issue only affected items that were being displayed in search, and generally only affected about 2% of non-auction items (although this affected some sellers more than others) and had no impact on any sales or transactions (ie: no items could be sold twice - the issue was solely limited to items displaying in search results).
  • Hey Mark, glad to hear it! My store is working fine!
  • I´m still missing more than 6000 items in my store!
  • Seems to be ok now.
  • I listed some auctions yesterday bringing my total to 9993, today i find i had only 9910, dont know what happened to them so will now be listing another 90 to bring my total back up to 10.000, if it goes over 10k it is not my fault
  • There is no items under my store at all? What is going on?
  • Still missing a few items
  • I'm still having issues where the item is not showing in the large display pane when selecting an item for further action (purchase, place on watch list, etc) See image attached. Hipstamp_DisplayIssue
  • I have the same issue as Bruce Deeter does; it's been like that for a few weeks now. I use Firefox, though the image shows up on Chrome, I prefer Firefox.
  • I just had images disappear from over 100 stamps I listed yesterday around 6:00 PM. I know they were there because two stamps were sold. Last night one of the sold stamps had an image, this morning neither did. I deleted the listings and uploaded them a second time with images. Hopefully they stay this time. Listings uploaded last night at 11:15 still had images showing this morning.

    I notified HipStamp in case this is a system wide issue.
  • Thank you for bringing this to our attention. Kindly expect a member of our team to reach out to you directly to help with your concerns. Thank you!
  • Please note that this search issue is now resolved. Should you experience any further issues, please create a new thread or contact Support directly at Thank you!
  • Just got back from vacation and noticed I left my computer open on the Hipstamps sight after showing someone in Nigeria how to get into my inventory. He said he was going to buy most of what I had listed but just needed access to the inner workings of Hipstamps. That was ok to do wasn't it? You don't think he had anything to do with ..... oh oh!
  • Aw geez, thanks a lot Ron! Like we didn't have enough to worry about like where in the World is Ron, just to hear you left your computer on! What a Bud!
  • I contacted Support this morning. Between my store and my open Listings in the members area, there is about a 2,600 difference. When I asked why, they wanted to know how many listings I expected. How should I know without counting every single item. Grrr
  • If you know there is "about a 2600 difference," add 2600 to the amount showing, and that is how many listings you were expecting.
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