Searching My Shopping Cart

Is there some way to search my Shopping Cart for a particular seller?


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  • I'm also a buyer and if you go to stores and type in the name of seller I have always been able to find store -although sometime may be more than 1 store - for instance , pick any seller that responds in any forum section here and sure you'll find his/her store
  • What I'm wanting here is a way to quickly get to the Shopping Cart for the seller I'm interested in. I normally have maybe 100-200 seller's Shopping Carts running open at any one time and I would like some way to quickly find the one I'm interested in.
  • I feel your pain, John. My only solution is to CTRL-F and search for the dealer's name, one page at a time.
  • Your cart page should include a note telling you the number of vendors represented. Click on that, and a list of the vendors will appear, which you can sort alphabetically.
  • Senior moments ..... searching FOR your shopping cart
  • Wow, Doug. I’ve seen that note a bazillion times and never thought to click on that. Thanks.
  • Doug-
    That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks very much!
    John Hixson
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