The World's most expensive stamp, The British Guiana One Cent Magenta is changes hands.

The most expensive stamp in the world is put up for auction. It will go on sale on 8th June
In 2014 it was Sold for $9,480,000. How much do you think it will cost now?


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  • Let's see... Has it been hinged? Creases? Askin' for a friend.
  • I already have one.
  • A hinge? Or a crease?
  • Wow Greg, You are so lucky if you have one. So far, only one known piece has existed.
  • 1c
    Here is the image of the back
  • The one I have doesn't have all that scribbling on the back and has much brighter color.
  • And was printed at House of Faux. LOL
  • I picked up my copy on the first day of issue at the PO.
  • Those were the days,,,,,right,,,
  • If ever an item was supported by mere "intellectual" agreement something has this kind of value, this is a great candidate. It has uglies it hasn't even used! I would imagine many of the most ardent collectors would struggle to justify such an "investment", largely predicated on the assumption the philatelic market will hold up in these uncertain times going forward, and that there is another collector/speculator willing to pony up at least this kind of $$$ ......oops $$$!!! Oh, and, crease + hinge = cringe
  • I am currently entertaining offers for my copy :smiley:
  • Wall Street has a name for that, Ron: the Greater Fool Theory
  • Ted's wife's reaction when Ted was in Hipstamp forums and forgot their anniversary:
  • Ted can do no wrong! .................SWALK

    PS. don't let your wife see this post!
  • It would be weird if it went cheaper at the current auction than in 2014. But anything is possible. Maybe there will be a new philatelic record. I guess it will be around $ 10M.
  • I'll entertain any reasonable offer for the copy I have and will ship for free domestically.
  • Mouse offers a pair of bedroom slippers, one slightly chewed.
  • Let me think about that. I don,t normally wear slippers myself but if they are nice and broken in, I would consider your offer.
  • Greg, can we see a picture of your copy?
  • Well dang it!!! I left it sitting on my desk next to that sheet of upside down airplane stamps last night and my wife used it to mail an order to a garden seed supplier in Vermont. Fortunately, I know the guy and he said he would mail it back to me when he gets it but now it will be cancelled. WIll that drop its value any being postally used now?
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    No, I don't think so, Greg :smiley:
  • tall tales and yarns seldom go down in value
  • If that is the case,,,,,some of us,,,,must be very wealthy.
  • Yarn! Watch out!
  • True enough Troy. Greg's B & B felines are experts at unravelling any yarn, not to take anything away from their TP prowess
  • Y'all have no idea about those dang cats! I should put it in the store policy that almost every order will include a hair sample from either Bentley or Bear depending on which one is causing the most trouble. This is Bear "helping" me list some new items. But she's not in the way of anything at all. IMG_20210524_125446209small
  • she's made peace with the mouse next to her ....or just ignoring it? Greg, that's a HUGE screen- what size? And is that Ted's car parked outside again?
  • She's just sits there (in the way) and watches the bubbles on the screensaver. This is Texas,,,,so everything is bigger here!!! I think its about 2x3 feet or better. Truthfully a great investment though. A lot easier to see around the various cats when they park themselves in front of it. And, I'm pretty sure that is Ted's car but I never saw him here. White 1982 Mercedes with glass pac mufflers. I am missing a weed eater and a six-pack from the beer cooler though. Maybe the guard cats scared him off!!!!!
  • I'm pretty sure if I ever sold a stamp, it would come with cat hair!

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