All items are missing from my store

I just went to my store "Wilton Philatelics" to do a listing, and all items are missing. It states I have 3,970 listing, but
I can't get to any categories, and when I do a general search of all items on HipStamp, none of my items come up.

I need some help here. Thanks!


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  • I can go to your store, see all 3800+ listings and be able to look at the individual listings
  • Thanks for checking Michael. Yes, I tried on two other PC's in the apt and got to my listings. Some glitch got into my PC over the last couple hours.

    I had to delete all the cookies to resolve the issue, what a pain, but now it works fine, hopefully.
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    deleting cookies the right way
  • I deleted the cookies for no reason. If anybody else has a similar problem in the future, the problem can easily be corrected by going to the "Ships To" area on the home page of your store, and be sure it is set to "Choose Country". If perhaps it is set to China and you do not ship items to that country, then no listings will appear in your store. Mine was set to a country I don't ship to, but I don't know how that happened.
  • That's a good one. HS should pay a bounty for this stuff.
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