The World's most expensive stamp, The British Guiana One Cent Magenta is changes hands.



  • That looks like my little Bear! Milk mustache and white sox and all! How did he get all the way to Serbia!!!!

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    Think we solved the missing beer
  • That second one cuts a little too close to home.
  • The invoice I supply with every sale includes (in part) the following disclaimer: "Any hair inadvertently included is compliments of my chocolate Labrador Retriever, ‘Mouse,’ ..." with a picture of the culprit included...

    Mouse 4.15.19
  • $8.3M including premium.
  • From Don Sundman:

    Inverted Jenny Plate Block and
    1¢ British Guiana Sold at Auction Today

    How often is something that sells for $4.86 million a bargain? It happened today when famous shoe designer Stuart Weitzman sold his rare stamps at a Sotheby’s auction.

    The Inverted Jenny Plate Block sold for ‘only’ $4.86 million. It’s worth more. The stamps opened around $2.5 million and stalled at $3 million. I kicked myself for not registering to bid at this auction. $3.5 million would be a steal. After 30 seconds, more bids arrived and the block sold for about $4 million. The auction firm added their $800,000 commission and the lucky bidder got what will turn out, ten years from now, to be a bargain. I sold this block to Stuart several years ago and miss owning it. The new owner will get great pleasure from his stamps.

    The 1¢ British Guiana sold for more than I expected. The price, with commission, is $8.3 million. That’s a lot of money to anyone and the new owner must be excited with their purchase.
  • It won't win any beauty contests!!!!!
  • the Magenta LOST a million dollars ...why did the Mystic CEO pretend it was a economic victory for the seller?

    Sasha has a new stamp! Got a good deal...?
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  • Mr. Bravo, I got the impression he thought the buyers got a good deal. Which is, I guess, relative. As in, rich relatives.
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