Old Listings Closed ?

I have been suspecting something for some time but I spent some time this morning and I confirmed it. I have had a store going back to Bidstart (pre SG) days. Recently I noticed that some stamps that have been in my store for years are no longer showing as available in my store. I did a check of one coountry today (Iceland) and 20 stamps in my stock book that have been in my store for years were not showing anymore. I went into my closed listings and there they were from early 2020. I did not close them and I always assumed once in the store they would renew and remain. Did I miss something along the way on how this works ? Do I need to check my entire store now tio see what stamps are now missing. This is very disturbing to me. Please anyone have any comments and is/was there a system issue that caused this ? Thanks, Steve


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  • I've had the same problem for several months now and have been working with HipCommerce support. They say they have fixed it, but I haven't confirmed that. When my auction items are not sold they are supposed to go back into my store, if I moved them to auction from their, but they were ending as Closed and not available in my store. I had to go through my entire stock and relist ones I still had with was a pain.
  • I recently started selling on Hipstamp. I can confirm that I lost items as well. They just disappeared from the listings!
  • We are not currently, or any time recently, experiencing any technical issues related to any items being closed which should not be closed. If you're looking to use our "Send to Auction" feature, you can create a Store Item, and then from the Members Area, bulk select the items in question and click the "Auction" button at the bottom of the Members Area. This will send the Store Item to Auction, and if the item does not sell at Auction, the original Store Item will be re-instated. It's basically the same process shown here, but you click the Auction button instead of Edit:

    If you list items in any other way, including editing a Store Item and changing it into an Auction, once the Auction ends - it's ended - it will not go back into your store. That only happens when you follow the above.

    That being said, we are actually about to launch a new feature in the next few weeks that will allow you to create an Auction listing, and when you create the Auction listing you'll now have the option to automatically relist it as a Store Item if it does not sell. There will be no additional need to use the above send to auction process from the Members Area.
  • Mark,
    Is there a way that I could enter stamps (in this same manner discussed above) into the Thursday no reserve auction?

  • If you follow the above steps, you can search and filter for any specific items you want, and then click the Export button - which would give you a CSV file of the items in your search/filter. You could then use those Listing IDs any way you want. If you're setting up your own Auction Event, you can directly enter those Listing IDs on the Auction Event page, and/or if you're working with our team on our Weekly No Reserve Auction Events, you could supply our team with said Listing IDs.
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