Formula to calculate Sale Transaction Fees?


I am having trouble deriving the formula for sale transaction fees (for use in my personal app) and I was hoping to find out exactly how it is calculated.

I had two sales tonight: sale A was for $3.95, and sale B was for $3.60. Using 8.95% of the total, the calculated fees should have been $0.35 and $0.32, respectively. However, I was charged $0.33 for the first sale. I was able to reproduce this number by calculating the fee on each item individually, but this method produces a fee of $0.30 for the second order. Obviously I am missing a step. Could you provide me with the exact process used? Thanks so much!


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  • if you have a starter store it is 11.95%
  • The fee also applies to S/H fee
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    Thanks for the suggestions! I do not have a starter store, and I did include shipping in the calculations (the above totals are for items plus shipping).
  • How about sales tax? If one order had sales tax, hipstamp is sweet enough not to charge us a fee for that!
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    Most accounting software does

    Price * (1 + tax rate) = total

    round(Total) - price = tax.

    (Round to 2 places, tax rate can be xaction fee.)

    But I'm still not getting .03 difference.
  • Havae you Contacted "Us?"
  • Contact us does not work. I have an item that closed on 7-8 and I have relisted it and it has been sitting in my closed listings as deleted since 7-9. I can not send an email to HipStamp from contact us link any more.
  • Yeah, I haven't been able to work "Contact Us" either, I was hoping someone from the team might drop by here.
  • Well the item that was still on my list has finally been removed but there should be an easy way for sellers to contact the powers that be.
  • Yes, it is crazy it takes me an hour or two to find it every time. Cannot understand why they decided to hide how to contact anyone but we are all in the same boat.
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