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Is there a way on Hip to isolate and purchase a few or a single stamp from a selection of stamps I have chosen from a particular seller? In gereral I chose a bunch of stamps I want to purchase from a seller and set them aside for later purchase. If I subsequently decide I want to purchase one or two of that group of stamps immediately, I have to delete all other stamps in the group leaving only the stamp or stamps I want to purchase, make the purchase, and then put back all the stamps I had previously deleted. Is there a way to do this purchase without all the deleting? Is there a way to have two purchases set aside from the same seller? I hope I'm making myself clear in this. If not, just say so and I'll try again. Thanks.


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  • Usually, I just put items I want to keep an eye on in my Watchlist. When I'm ready to buy some(or all), I move them to my cart and go from there.
  • Thank you for the comment, Kimberly. Probably you're right in sugesting I not compile stamps for buying. It seems to cause no end of troubles. If I haven't set them aside for buying, I don't have to delete anything. I can just select and purchase whatever and whenever I want. Such a practice does leave me with a few questions, however. What is a Watchlist? Is it a real thing, an entity of it's own right or just the list of stamps you are watching? How do you transfer choices from your Watchlist to your cart? If your Watchlist is just the list of stamps you're watching, I can pictue how to get them in your cart, but if a Watchlist is something else, I might have a problem.
  • Further to my questions above: what happens if another buyer purchases a stamp I am watching? Does the stamp get expunged from my watching list?
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    Every listing has a blue box saying Watch this item. It is a seperate list, which you can easily access from the top of the screen of your mobile device, next to where you see the link for Members Area. You don't have to transfer items from your Watch list to your shopping cart. Just click on the listing in your Watch list, and purchase it the way you would normally.
    Just as with putting an item in your shopping cart, putting it on your Watch list does not prevent someone else from seeing it and purchasing it. When this happens, the sold item remains in your list, but with a note by it saying the item is sold.
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    As a seller for too many years, when you put an item in your cart that means you are going to pay for it since it will end up as being sold in the dealers items for sale.
    By putting an item on a watch list you are watching it but have not committed to buy and any one else can buy it.
    I myself if a customer puts an item in a cart I get charged for a sale so if it sits there for a week or so, without hearing back from the customer, I will then ask for a refund from HipStamp, which will close the sale, and have HipStamp relist the item. This will then get a mark against the buyer.
    I know this is might seem rough to some people but without any communication from the buyer I have no other choice.
  • That is incorrect. Merely putting an item in the shopping cart does not remove that item from sale, nor is a dealer charged with final value fees. The only way that would happen without your having been paid is if the buyer put items in the shopping cart and then used the Pay Later feature. Then, the item has been purchased, though not paid for, and removed from sale. If you have experienced what you described, you need to remove that customer from your pre-approved Pay later list.
  • Ted-
    With reference to your first comment here, I'm not following you where you say I don't have to transfer items from my Watch list to my shopping cart. When I click on the item in my Watch list, I get taken immediately to a screen that invites me to add it to my shopping cart. That's hardly avoiding the cart. Maybe I'm misunderstanding what my Watch list is??
  • My point was that there is no "transfer," per se - there is no button to click to switch an item from your watch list to the shopping cart. What you describe is exactly what I said. I said nothing about "avoiding the cart."
  • When you put items in your watch list, each item will have a checkbox to the left. Click on the checkbox next to each item you want to buy, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and click Add To Cart.

    Hopefully this is what you are looking for!
  • Well, I'll be gobsmacked. I had no idea that function was there. I apologize, John, for my erroneous information. And, thanks, Kimberley for that insight.
  • Ted,
    Thanks for the clarification about a shopping cart since I have never used one and do not know how they work.
    I mostly sell by auctions but do have some cheaper items for sale.

  • Ted - Going back to your comment of the 29th the stamp will show as "no longer available" in Red.
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