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bolivia row 1
bolivia row 2
bolivia row 3
bolivia row 4
bolivia row 5

These stamps are driving me nuts! Can anybody help me ID them?

Thanks in advance


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  • I think they're from Bolivia...

    (Filling in for R)
  • Oh my, I should have put that in with the question. Yes, they are all from Bolivia. I just wanted to have the Scott # or at least the year so I could get to the Scott #. The first one and the gold set do not have overprints. I do not see the rest or any of them in the 2022 Scott catalogue.
  • The runner stamp (Southern Cross Games) is Bolivia Scott 639.
  • The General and Three Men is Bolivia Postal Tax RA27. The 50c and 1 Bs stamps are local revenues (see note in Postal Tax section of Scott)
  • The others, I'm not sure about. The first may be some kind of documentary. "Transacciones" is a clue. Don't think Scott lists Bolivian documentaries.
  • Thank you Greg for the runner.

    That Gen and his 3 men were hiding.

    And thanks for confirming the Local Revenues.
  • Luree: I'm glad you mentioned that some of them were gold, because I wouldn't have picked that up from the pic. And they don't look like in the catalog either. I've missed them before.

    The set is 433-450. If you try to decipher the footnote, it sounds like occasionally those stamps got out without the overprint. Scott only prices the unoverprinted set as a set -- no individual values. In the 2021, they priced that set at $60.
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    Okay, had to get the heart started again. $60. I don't have the whole set, just those 4. And I did see the footnote but I didn't read it like these were what they were referring to. "They were not regularly issued with surcharge and the set is valued at $60". That didn't sink into my little brain. And I know it was mentioned that there are different god designs so I wasn't
    looking for the exact. The values are all not exact also. 5c, 10c, 15c and 20c and the overprint is what was throwing me way off. Of course I've been playing with Bolivia for a couple of days now and everything is going all together. Thanks, Phil!
  • Oops -- sorry about the heart attack! ... Id'ing Bolivia can definitely be a challenge. Seems like both Bolivia and Scott are a little loosey-goosey about the stamps and the listings. I've only dabbled so far, but I have a collection to break down sometime. (That's why I even knew at all that the gold stamps were tricky to find in the catalog. I really like them, and had checked the collection to see if they were in there.)
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    imo, top one is a revenue 1883-90 came in at least 6 denominations. the 50c violet and 1bs blue are part of an set of 6? issued 1946? states 1944.. :-) they were "supposedly" used as revenues locally and as a postal tax? fairly common but better if you have all 6 set.
  • Thanks Jerry. That is very helpful.

    Phil, that is exactly what I'm doing --- broke down a Bolivia book. I thought I was all done only to realize I have another stack of 31. Maybe I'll be done tomorrow, if I don't mow/trim the lawn and go food shopping.
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