EBAY SYNCING not working



  • Today sync is now working for uploading new listings TO Hipstamp - Have not sold anything today yet so I don't know if it's removing inventory when sold again?
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    I assume it is all about money.. why they have decided to ghost us here on this issue. to tell the truth is taking a chance sellers will leave and not pay the monthly fees and or request a refund on their credit card payments for fees.

    100% TOTALLY Unprofessional!! if they do not see this as true then they need to go run a pawn shop or something similar other than a stamp site that is based on fairness and trust. Credit card companies and Paypal could be next to cease transactions with them here after a few of us complain and request and file for SNAD refunds. I figure they owe me $40+ at this point - i want a refund Hipstamp I just reopened one store and 800+ on ebay.. not one listing has loaded and I redid the token. Credit my account or I am filing a claim on my credit cards for both stores . $40 due - going to contact Paypal monday.

    to run a site like this- with no major customer announcements and updates says they have zero respect for the sellers. Anyone of us act like this we would be removed. Why should they feel it is ok for them to act in this manner? reminds me of the staff at Delcampe. I can certainly understand why Ebay is not working with them anymore after their lack of concern and total lack of communication with the sellers that paid for this service and are not receiving what they paid for.
  • If you added items it eBay while sync wasn't working you can move them to hip by making a small modification. No need to end the listing and relist. Just make a small modification that seems to be enough to hip to pick it up and added it here.
  • Most are just learning 2 things that us old farts figured out years ago:

    1. Syncing just ain't what it is cracked up to be - anywhere - by anybody. Ask yourself: are you ABSOLUTELY SURE that in the past ALL sales and postings were synced?

    2. Online sales sites, Ebay, Hipstamp, bidstart (RIP), delecampe, Amazon are in business for only one reason: TO MAKE MONEY OFF US. And that is as it should be.

    Actually a third thing:

    3. Running a business, small (me) or large, is hard. Trying to run someone else's business because you think you know better is the best way to lose yours.
  • right Wayne, and next time you go to a restaurant and order a nice meal and pay for it and they forget to add the food.. be equally understanding :-)
  • Actually, Jerry you aren't paying for syncing. Even a basic store gets it for free. (Well you are paying for it, we just haven't figured out how they do it yet). Also, I usually pay for the food after I eat it.
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    exactly you pay afterwards in a restaurant .. we pay in advance here. :-) and the ONLY reason most here are here is because of the sync. The Sync is the reason we pay here, list here (through the sync only) and yes .. buy here because we are here already. The Sync is part of the well described package we signed up for. So it is not free as long as we are paying for a store.. it is part of the food on the plate that no longer exists- the main dish. :-) To many here , including myself, this site is totally useless without the sync. in my case it is $20 a month (two stores) and i closed and re opened this month so that cost me $40. For nothing. The worst part is the Squid Sync appears to be total BS. It certainly does not work.
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    So far based on what I am seeing:
    -today multi item listings on eBay are correctly being reduced here when something sells there
    -today single items on eBay that sell there are being closed here
    -items that sold on eBay from September 29/30 till October 8 have not closed here
    -yesterday newly listed items are being reflected here

    I haven't sold anything here so can't say yet if the reverse works or not.

    I've been able to identify the rough number of items that I'll have to zap here, it looks to be in the 40 to 50 range. A couple hours of wasted time but not as bad as I had feared now that I know the actual timeframe.

  • Very sorry but the sync is now only working one way. Items I have listed on eBay today have been uploaded to Hipstamp but a cover I sold today on eBay I had to manually delete on Hipstamp.........................not good!!!
  • Tania, you're on ebay UK right? My stuff on both .COM and .CA are updating accordingly on hipstamp when they sell on .COM or .CA (so far).
  • Yes Bay UK. I renewed my sync token yesterday but it's still not working quite right?
  • Jerry,
    You say you closed and reopened two stores here. I can't find any store listed under your name. Are they closed again?
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    Hi Tanya, Hmmm maybe things aren't back to normal yet on links to .UK, I don't have anything there so I can't share any experience....
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    Existing Ebay listings that are not on hipstamp already- are not loading here- as someone else mentioned... if you edit them or close them on ebay and relist them- they show up here. their solution is to use a 3rd party program Squid Sync . I can see it is better than nothing. If one was willing to close out their listings on ebay, reset the token for squid Sync instead of the hipstamp token, reload the ebay listings (ebay listing fee is incurred) then i think it is working for those like me that had no inventory in their stores here or want to refresh all listings as corrupted in this mess . I think this will become an issue as time goes on unless something is fixed. New accounts / stores will also not load unless the process i mentioned is done. so there is a way to fix yourself if you want to go through these steps and use your ebay free listings quota or pay in the process. I have decided to not sell here after seeing how this was handled by management. most likely i will eat the $40 in fees it cost me and move on. Including buying here.
  • From what I saw when I renewed the certificate the procedure to load already running items was coming soon.

    Presumably so too will come the ability to "refresh" ones inventory, that will be a necessary thing and if I recall, it was done automagically intermittently the "old way" and could be manually performed as well.

    All sites have their own problems, eventually this one will get worked out too.

    It is too bad there hasn't been much official communication about this, that is kind of surprising for this site.
  • I set ebay promotions on the first of the month, 2200+ listing are all at their original price, so my sales have dropped 95%. The ypdated prices always reflected on hipstamp fairly quickly. Now its broken. JUNK
  • WORKAROUND - i cancelled every promotion I had on ebay, then reset them all again, and it appears all the price changes have migrated over . . .thank you!
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    I've had over 35 ebay items sell over the weekend that do not show here now.

    Most show up as closed here, a couple do not, I am not sure if that's because they were newly listed on ebay and not reflected here during the outage, or if its a "sold bug" here, the important thing is that they are not showing as available on Hipstamp which is what I would be concerned about.

    Nothing sold here to reflect back as to whether it shows up as sold on eBay yet. Will update on that when I have some news that way.
  • And still not a single official public word from anyone at Hipstamp. What a bunch of clueless idiots. Exhibit #1 in the upcoming mockumentary "How to NOT communicate with your customers and wonder why your business doesn't succeed."
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    I'm wondering if Previois owner/ management Is even working on this site anymore or under new (no) management.. it smells..
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    A ebay multi item listing (that is not grandfathered, see earlier comments of mine regarding grandfathered items missing required item specifics) that sold on Hipstamp properly reduced item count on eBay this afternoon.
  • Great, everything is back to normal then?

    I suppose the period of "high anxiety" for sellers is now over?

    Well is it Hipstamp????????????????????
  • As far as I know it is not yet 100% back to normal:
    -new folks wanting to synchronize items can't yet (I don't know this for sure)
    -because of the above, I assume the automagic refreshes aren't happening yet either (these clear up inconsistencies for anything that got glitched on either side)

    I'm only reporting what I know....
  • Fixed? Are you kidding. I still have hundreds of listings here that sold on eBay during the fiasco. I am not spending countless hours trying to tidy up HipStamp's mess.

    There is a fix supposedly coming so that existing eBay listings can be added here. Once that happens I can turn off sync, delete all my listings here, add all listings from eBay, turn sync back on.

    Like others, I'm totally frustrated with the no communication stance, management is hoping this will all blow over if they say nothing. Mark started out with his HipStamp venture trying to be helpful and open. How things have changed.
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    I have no stores here as i do not want to sell here anymore- yet some items were appearing in search and were active so other issues also here. They appear to be removed now - 2nd time of removal by me. :-) not sure how with no store- items can appear in search and still be active purchase-able live items here? I assume it is the Squid Sync that needs to be disabled over on Ebay or it will continue to reload items here for free! nice little glitch! :-) i'll try to see what happens if it continues to load newly listed ebay items into my non existing closed store and list those items in my closed store account as active?
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    I see there is a new not so good update:

    "Update on Syncing with eBay: [Oct 13, 2021] At this time, we are again unable to sync inventory between eBay and HipStamp. This is being caused by an external issue, specifically related to eBay. We are actively working on several ways to resolve this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience, and we will provide a detailed update as soon as we can."

    So my store is closing again until it is fixed up......
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    Not agreed to pay eBay what they want!!!!!! ...........................?
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    My perhaps incorrect understanding from someone who has pulled ebay data to another site is that it is a relatively inexpensive flat fee, it isn't a % of sales or anything. My GUESS is that the format of the ebay data, or the mechanism to access it and do what is necessary to translate things into what is needed for Hipstamp changed. It is not a payment issue.

    Hopefully they're able to get it up and running again soon......
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    I was thinking same thing Ron.. most likely with all the makeover programming done here they discovered the sync no longer works and can't fix it. If it could be fixed it would be fixed. A disastrous formatting issue that would require a reset to previous pre-makeover state? or they peeved off someone at Ebay.

    The third party may start working or they will figure out how to make it at least have the functions of the previous Ebay simple method- to be able to update all inventory, reset at anytime to start fresh and be able to include all ebay inventory that exist. simple and like it was before.

    previous inventory no longer loads for new accounts so new accounts can not upload unless they edit each item or close the items out after signing up for Squid sync and relist and repay to relist on Ebay. Then the items load. As for the sync working properly? i would not count on it. This greatly puts ebay account in jeopardy and it does no service to the buyers here when you try to explain all this as you tell them you had to give their item to an ebay buyer as it sold there too. :-) this happened to me.

    There are sites that use the Ebay method and the functions available are amazing.. like 10-15 different options. (see Bonanza <- i DO NOT recommend this site to sell on :-)
  • I still am getting the same banner message, as of October 13 through today 10-16. Lack of sync has kept me from listing about 70 new items. Sellers are now stuck with lack of sync for more than two weeks. Silence from Hipstamp....
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