Starting Over With A Clean Slate

Is there some way to delete all the stamps in my cart in one fell swoop? To start over with an empty cart. A clean slate?


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  • Yes, you can select the boxes to the left of each item instead of item itself and scroll to the bottom. Select "remove selected" from cart and it should remove all.
  • Click on Pay Now. :smiley:
  • DC I'm sorry to say I have no idea what you're saying here. Could you please try again. It sounds like you're suggesting the right thing to me but I can't understand what you're telling me to do. I don't see any boxes to the left of each item in my cart. What are you talking about? And to Ted, very funny I think but I don't want to purchase. I want to clear them out and start over.
  • DC's instructions work for your Watch List, not for the shopping cart. The quickest way to clear your shopping cart is on a desktop computer, where you can right-click on Delete, on every item. and select Open in New Tab. Do not go to the new tab, simply go down your shopping cart list right-clicking Delete and selecting Open in new tab.

    Then right click on your current open tab (your shopping cart page) and select Close Tabs to the Right. Refresh that tab, and those items will be gone. It's a not a one-fell-swoop solution, but it is pretty quick and easy.

    For mobile devices, you're stuck with the one-at-a-time delete.
  • I was able to make it work using your instructions, Ted. I don't know why you say I have to use a desktop, my Mac laptop works just fine. Thanks very much. John Hixson
  • Crap, Ted is right. I was backwards with the watch list vs. Cart. My bad.
  • Ted is....RIGHT!!!!!???? Must have been a mistake! :smiley:
  • Hahaha, I'm the NOOB, so I'll just be quiet
  • Sorry, John. I didn’t mean to snub your Mactop. What I meant was a standard computer vs mobile device.
  • Ted has corrected himself. The world is spinning to left again. I feel better....and not so dizzy.
  • Is a Mac laptop not a mobile device? I'm confused.
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    My desktop computer is a mobile device. I just relocated it 30 miles from where I used to live.
    I’m sorry you are so easily confused. I’ll just refrain from offering any further help to you in the future.
  • Ted your input is always welcomed. I'm sorry to have upset you but I'm still confused over whether you consider a laptop a mobile device or not. It certainly did the job you coached me on. Thanks.
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