Custom Album Pages?

Does anyone here use just a cromebook to design pages? All I have is a cromebook and need lots of help with this. Thanks.


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  • aside from the free black pages I get from purchasing item lots here n eBay I buy Plastic clear sheets and a 3 ring binder and use simple glue to make my own multi lot stamp holder and cut if needed for slits to add stamps easy I believe in no hinges no sticking of any kind to stamps even fully covered in plastic then display in a page is also very beneficial to the stamps! Say I get about 100 pages of custom for less then $10.00 US Currency!
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    Try for cheap places like Walmart, Dollar Tree, or even Goodwill sometimes Amazon! You could even buy Construction paper and make your own colorful custom pages just a thought and add clear plastic to the front it's easy after you do a few practice runs!
  • I use AlbumEasy.

    Not sure if there is a Chrome book version
  • Acid-free....and gluten and pine nut free too just to be sure. But acid free for sure.
  • Definitely agree!
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