Mail service suspensions to NZ & Australia

Are you aware of a recent announcement from US Post regarding mail to Australia & New Zealand? Due to COVID-19 mail is suspended to these countries:


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  • Thanks for posting. This is bad news. Just mailed one on Friday and have two other orders pending. Hopefully buyers will be understanding and not cancel orders. If they do, sellers will be out PayPal fees. Hipstamp will probably refund fees.
  • Why is COVID responsible for this ? Shortage of postal staff to handle mail ?? Because the coronavirus does not travel in the post mail . Are they using the virus to cover for other shortcomings ? I can understand the war torn or third world territories , but truly mail traveled through Europe even during the last part of World War Two . This should not surprise , but it still disappoints.
  • No it most likely has to do with Australia's restrictions at the moment.


    Australia Post advises that operations at its Melbourne offices of exchange (IMPC codes beginning with AUMEL) are currently disrupted owing to government-imposed measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19. The associated restrictions are having a significant impact on the processing and delivery of inbound and outbound mail items. Australia Post requests that mail destined for the Melbourne offices of exchange be sent to the Sydney offices of exchange (IMPC codes beginning with AUSYD) while these measures remain in place.


    Australia Post advises that the Sydney office of exchange will be closed for up to 48 hours for reasons relating to COVID-19. This will have a direct impact on processing, delivery and handover of all inbound mail items received in Sydney during this period. Australia Post’s offices of exchange in Brisbane and Melbourne continue to process mail.


    Australia Post advises that its daily operations are being affected by government measures aimed at preventing spread of COVID-19. There are impacts to processing and delivery of inbound and outbound mail items. There are border closures and lockdowns in place across the country, including lockdowns in two major states, Victoria and New South Wales, where the processing and delivery of mail items is being significantly impacted.


    Australia Post advises of new restrictions in place to minimize the spread of COVID-19. The post is experiencing disruptions to its daily operations due to emergency measures imposed by the government. These measures, which include lockdowns, state border closures, restrictions on movement and self-isolation for affected individuals, have caused disruptions with airlines and other transportation providers. The restrictions are having a direct impact on service quality for inbound international letter post services. Australia Post is therefore declaring a force majeure event for all inbound international letter post services effective June 28.

  • Yeah, Australia has been off the table from Japan for ages. We can send "surface", and we have, and it took 4 months for the stamps to arrive. (Fortunately for me, this was one of my top clients, and we explained how long it would take, and he was fine with it). But yeah, Oz and NZ are both tough.
  • I've not had any problems shipping to Australia via First Class Airmail. Reading the recent announcement from USPS it only mentions Priority Mail and First Class package shipments, as well as M-Bags, and some other services I don't know what their talking about. Presently takes about a month to arrive.
  • So William, your saying that if you ILLEGALLY mail stamps to Australia via First Class Airmail without required Customs Form, they will arrive in about a month. Apparently you are not an APS member, those of us that are, agree to be bound by a set of ethics that doesn't allow you to overlook postal regulations that are not convenient to us.
  • Yes any item with value has to be shipped by first class package service that requires a custom form. Any one who does not do it is violating the postal service laws.
  • @Rene Bravo don't you know that anything can now be justified by adding the worlds "Due to Covid" to it?
    This is exactly why NZ have stopped incoming mail. Their claim is, it can carry the virus on surfaces. So isolation is the best policy, if you're a kiwi.
  • This COVID (Kung-Floo) crap is crap. Global power grab. Nothing more (comma) nothing less. This will the rising of the lost Grammatican Empire if we're not careful.
  • There's no need to be discriminatory... It doesn't matter where the pandemic originated. The outcome is the same. Realize the "Spanish Flu" originated in Kansas City... It was just the "Spanish" that isolated it, and demonstrated it was a problem.

    Power grab, 100%. Government's didn't create it, but they have all taken advantage of it to justify loss of liberty that wouldn't have been acceptable to the public otherwise. Just look at Hong Kong. They are no longer "One government, two systems". It's just one government, with one system. This issue is much bigger than isolationist fears, and looking like "you did better than another country because you kept the case number deflated (not actually lower)". At what cost? Anyway, I know this issue won't be resolved on Hipstamp... But hopefully I have provided some insight to the Covid world beyond the US borders.
  • Man, I just wrote a bunch of stuff and decided that it wasn't worth starting a world war. Suffice it to say (for me at least) that this power grab could (and may already be) very dangerous and has the potential to end badly.

    Lighten up Francis! (from the Movie "Stripes") I can honestly say and declare that from my heart that I am probably the least discriminatory person you may ever meet though. I take that stuff seriously and take some umbrage about your comment.

    Due to COVID......blah, blah, blah,,,we are going to tell you what, how, when, why to do whatever you do. I call BS on that and have zero interest in following the rest of the lemmings off the cliff.
  • Greg, we are in screaming agreement. :)
  • Alrighty then...
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    I agree with many of the sentiments expressed, but I've also seen many good folks "overthink" this whole viral misadventure, attributing conspiracy, motive and response to sinister forces. When the veil is pulled back eventually, the truth is that many give governments far too much credit in their ability to conduct really intelligent conspiracies. I think they'll be disappointed to know it was a stupid lab accident, covered up by a stringent, rigid, uncaring regime which led to a cascade of failed events to contain it. The attempts to control have led to so much contradiction, even loss of logic. The ability to develop a vaccine was a remarkable, though not perfect story that is still being written. But for me, it has ended up with a constant barrage of super stressed parents trying to work while their kids are sent home with sniffles and worst of all the deaths of several friends, colleagues and (very sorrowfully) some close relatives. AND that's why I find time to collect stamps, to escape this darkness.
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    Rene, very sensible. Echos what I have been saying in a more personal and sissynct way. I didn't intend to turn this thread into a Covid debate. So my apologies to everyone for getting so off topic. My point being the justification as "due to Covid" as tantamount to "because I said so" should be rejected. You can't save the world. What is occurring now is equivalent to not wasting food in Georgia some how saving starving children in Sudan. It doesn't work that way. I have friends that have died because they were turned away from hospitals because they didn't have Covid. It's like the only thing you can die from now is Covid... So ridiculous. Anyway as I said, not going to solve this problem on Hipstamp. Do what you think is right for you.
  • Thought others might be interest in my conversation today with ShippingEasy concerning USPS suspensions to Australia and New Zealand. They advised they still offer service to these countries using Global Post which costs $8.40 for 1 oz. Apparently they know how to keep mailing moving when the USPS drops the service. I can now process several orders I had been holding because of the suspensions. Just wish I had contacted them sooner.
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    I have received 3 items back from Australia, one old item has finally arrived from a seller in Australia I bought from -glad to see it arrive- took two months. I did suspend service to Both countries until things settle down. I have also noticed a few sellers in Australia are charging some sort of extra fee to ship.. i think it is like our priority mail?
  • Jerry were these sent out originally using USPS or Global Post?
  • My last order from Australian customer dated Oct 12 was received by customer, based on his feedback Nov.2
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    Good to know. My items were sent USPS first class letter mail.. no tracking of course. they were returned with the appropriate yellow stickers telling me to collect a refund for shipping from post office
    States: (two yellow stickers) One states -->Return to sender- Refused- Not deliverable as Addressed
    other sticker on back states:
    National Service Suspended
    Return To sender
    then instructions to get a shipping refund from USPS
  • I received one back from Australia stating that it was a bad address. The buyer says that the address is good. Sure makes the sellers look bad. Thanks USPS.
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    when it is addressed to Australia it Auto states:
    Return to sender- Refused- Not deliverable as Addressed (exact Words)

    so it looks like bad address but actually it is a BAD Country! :-) LOL Love Australia.. just a little Hummer to those guys down under in tomorrow land!
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    For a group of people who spend a large amount of time collecting postal ephemera, there's not a lot of knowledge displayed in this thread about contemporary international postage services.

    1) Both Australia and New Zealand have suspended some international package services because of a combination of limited airfreight capacity (apparently commenters here have not noticed the massive reduction in international air travel & therefore air freight) and service restrictions in other destination countries. Trans-Pacific flights have taken a big hit. Both countries put in place border protection policies at the outset of the pandemic to create national "bubbles".

    2) On Covid measures, New Zealand has found that the few outbreaks encountered in 2020 to early 2021 were in border services involving air transportation (passenger services being severely limited). Until border services workers (including those in air freight warehouses and forwarding) could be vaccinated this was a major mode of entry into the country. Transmission was probably person-to-person (flight crew), possible some infection from surfaces.

    3) New Zealand - and even Australia - have had far better success in reducing the impact of Covid on their populations with broad societal support. As of Nov 2 2021 - US death toll from Covid: 750,000+; New Zealand 31. US Covid death rate per 100,000: 229.7; New Zealand: 0.63; Australia: 7.12 (New Zealand kept Aussies out whenever there were fresh Aussie outbreaks).

    4) If any business has even some international shipping to Australia and NZ, they've known for a long time that "last mile" delivery services through private courier services have been highly competitive with national postal services in both countries since the late 1980s. Hmm, what's that, around 30+ years ago? Aussies and Kiwis use courier services at a higher rate than Americans.

    5) Pirate Ship is your friend. It's partnered with Asendia to deliver flats up to 4 oz for $10.49, delivering with tracking in about 3 weeks currently.

    Posted for those who appreciate facts, empirical evidence, and rationality instead of... well, you know already.
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    I know also letter mail is refused to Australia , not just packages and I have 3 small size envelopes returned as proof. :-)

    Perhaps private ship for $10 is ok for some but international letter mail or international tracked if they pay -is all i will spend and if not ok then I block the country. to prevent purchases from there. my policy for my items i ship out. If a country forces private mail service.. they don't get my mail.

    I don't see a lack of knowledge.. the USPS clearly states no deliveries there due to the countries policies. and if you purchase there expect 2 months to get here , if at all. Brazil is just as bad as are a few other countries in South America.
  • Is the site doing anything for Aussie/Kiwi customers to warn them when they go to buy stamps from someone that they are not likely to get their packages for quite a long time? Is this already well understood in Oz - would it be advisable? If I get an order from some of my great Australian customers... what should I do (aside from private mail option noted above)? I've already incurred non-refundable PayPal fees on canceled transactions.
  • Doug, no... it's up to the person to know the rules. Imagine there are 190+ countries in the world, with this pandemic mess going on, it would take a full time job (probably multiple) to keep up with just knowing the rules as they change. The programming then required to make some "alert" to buyers/sellers on a website is really beyond reasonable, especially given this will end at some point.

    When we get orders for complicated delivery locations, we advise the buyer, and give them the option to buy, knowing that it could take 4+ months to arrive (we send by surface mail, which is not blocked, but that then goes by sea, not by air), or we refund them. It's about 50/50 what people chose then.
  • I have had a couple of orders from South Africa take 3 months to arrive.
  • Once and a while it is better to be located in the frozen tundra of Canada. We still have service to Australia and New Zealand, and all mailings there have gotten to the customers, sometimes slowly but they get there,
  • Ive been getting mail from the US/Canada/UK between 2-3 weeks tops. Other European countries around 1 month. South Africa is a disaster - can be forever. South America is about 3-5 months.

    Only one package from the US was returned when the Sydney mail centre closed and the USPS panicked.
  • I guess I been fortunate enough all my packages fastest delivery was like 2-3 days longest this far has been 3 weeks probably because they where full sheets from over seas, also I been lucky that 99% of my purchases have been what I was after/saw in the pictures 1% sadly was misleading and got stuff stuck together literally garbage major tears, thins, holes, to far gone to even do anything with me personally I'd appreciate if seller's would list those as fillers and give a detail of what is exactly wrong with said items and price wise on those any price is wishful thinking maybe what ever filler material I have I can just send out as Bonus material or collect enough filler material n list someone may bid it up!
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