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    actually, it has been almost a month. :-) obviously, they do not know how to fix this and are hoping no one notices. :-) My guess is they calculated the impact and decided they can live with the fallout from those that do notice. hence no announcements . Less competition for the owners of the site with their stores as others leave?
  • Not just specifically this thread, but I suspect that the Ebay sync not working has something to do with it...

    It seems to have gotten really quiet in the forums in the last few days.
  • @treasurings2 Jerry, store count is up to 1208 doesn’t seem to be dropping. I thought Hip would be way over 1500 by now but it appears fewer want the hassle of selling stamps and paying fees.
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    I guess, this will all take some time to get settled in with existing sellers. Ebay inventory generally sells ok there. if it can not be uploaded here when opening a new store, this is a hassle. Some here are most likely unaware of the issues. those that sell the most here and have an ebay sync that has been updated even to Squid Sync, will be the first to realize the problems. My guess is very few stores are closed (mine are) because of this issue. This site is useless to me at this point. no insult intended but a fact. I hope it gets fixed but as i said before.. if possible.. it would have been fixed by now. :-)

    add on top of that .. wrongly charged fees that Hipstamp has not mentioned at all? ($40 to me) The Sync that works correctly was in the store description i signed up for.. it does not exist. And.. the existing description for new sellers is anything but honest- they are passing off a broken sync as being a "working correctly Sync" and no comments are because we all know this. so new members are paying for something they quickly discover is broken with no refund option.
  • Well, the banner has changed, now problem has tilted now into a non-technical issue. Could that be spelled $$$$? I have used Hipstamp since the days of Stampwants. Sales have never been outstanding here, but you could always depend on management (re: Mark) to stay on top of things and do what was the right thing. Is Mark still a primary owner. Who runs this place? First came the new listing trainwreck - now the eBay sync failure has gone on long enough to install a completely new software set. Yet the people in "lack of management" don't seem to care. I paid for an annual store fee just before the great unsync and I would like my money back but "lack of management" is not talking about the sellers $$$ either. Come on people be transparent, be fair, be concerned - what is going on????
  • This is the latest banner: Update on Syncing with eBay: [Oct 18, 2021] At this time, all listings which close (including those which have sold) on eBay are automatically being closed on Hip (within the hour). However, we are currently prevented from automatically closing corresponding listings on eBay and importing new listings from eBay due to a non-technical issue. We are working to resolve these issues and will provide an update soon. Additionally, we will be providing sellers with a new option to bulk end items on ebay that have sold on Hip within the next few days to utilize during this time.

    To my mind this is at least positive progress. Clearly the resolution is not a simple one facet thing that needs to be done. It looks like they are paying attention to the issue, and while it is a lot more limited than has normally been the case updates are being provided. We must keep in mind there aren't 100s of app support folks here to jump on this (and all the other problems, enhancements we want done). I'm sure they're aware $$$ wise of the impact of the stuff not being able to be sold at the moment, it affects them as well as us.

    Generally my best sales times on this site are on the weekend, so I'll watch what happens during the week and will evaluate whether I reopen my store as the weekend approaches. Perhaps things will move along quickly and I'll be open again before then anyway, time will tell!
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    Progress? it looks like the situation has gotten worse or I miss read your post? :-)

    "However, we are currently prevented from automatically closing corresponding listings on eBay and importing new listings from eBay due to a non-technical issue"

    so they were importing "new" listings a couple days ago but were not importing "non new listings" a few days ago... the non importing of "non new listings" was horrid enough. :-) Either they misspoke or this is a new issue if "new Listings" are not importing as the message states? maybe this is just a confusing typo?

    so this is an entirely new issue? It appears to me the Sync is now officially being stated as "non operating" in almost all aspects? Perhaps the thing to state is "what is working?" and what about Refunds to sellers for services paid for and not delivered?
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    There is no useful sync now. The only piece working is deleting a stamp when it sells on eBay. None of my new listings come across. From the sound of the note, this might end up being permanent. My store will close this week if not fixed. There is only so much a person can do. Find me on eBay at RLSStamps. ebay.com/str/rlsstamps
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    I guess I meant positive as in better than totally shut down.

    As I understand it:
    -anything that closes on eBay will "now" close here (not sure when now is, not as of the last hour)
    -anything that closes on hipstamp has to be manually closed on eBay (some form of update ebay button in the future)
    -anything newly listed on eBay will not be listed on hipstamp
    -new synchronizations can't be done for ebay already open items

    Things I don't know
    -what happens to ebay items sold in the last few weeks that happen to also be here. I now realize there's nothing that speaks to updating Hipstamp with ebay changes before today. I manually deleted all my ebay items sold from Sept 29th up till Oct 8th, things were automagically temporarily updated whilst Squid was working. Presumably we'll again have to manually bring hipstamp up to date from Squid death day (looks like Oct 13th) till today the 18th? I don't see any sold eBay items from the 13th till now showing as closed here. None newly closed from today yet either.
  • "(some form of update ebay button in the future)"

    this could be good :-) if it means "update" = import? something tells me that is not the case though?

    the more obvious intent would probably be "Additionally, we will be providing sellers with a new option to bulk end items on ebay that have sold on Hip within the next few days to utilize during this time." in other words next to nothing.

    No importing of new or old items on Ebay or updating ebay inventory here after this mess has corrupted listings beyond reconciliation of them
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    I do think most here in the forums that are interested , do now know that the Sync is a broken mess- as for everyone else (most members do not visit forums)?. Saying that, What about a new person signing up for a store? the only way they get a BANNER stating any issue is if they sign up and PAY for a store and the only way to sign up for a store is to pay. "Once they PAY" then they are given an unclear dishonest message (banner) stating some minor issues with the sync but at this point they have paid their fees with no refund option. this is bordering on fraud. This is a clear cut grounds for a "NOT AS DESCRIBED" claim with any credit card company or Paypal. Especially if you paid newly or got a 1 year contract.

    info below is what a new non member sees before opening, purchasing, and paying for a store- it basically is a LIE (coverup non transparent and clearly a LIE) with no refund option - personally, I do not think we have the same ownership or management we had in the past as this is not the way Mark has acted in the past.. this is unprofessional shady behavior.. not his way- at no point that i can remember has he acted anyway near this in the past - in my opinion this is deception and fraud and is verified by the lack of announcements and communication:

    Sync from Ebay (Powered by Sync Squid)
    A store subscription is required in order to fully view / use this feature.

    Status: Disabled

    Do you have an active ebay store?

    If so, you can automatically sync all of your stamps and related fixed-price listings from ebay through Sync Squid - for no additional fee! With Sync Squid, when an item sells on Hip, the item will be automatically closed or the quantity updated accordingly on ebay, and vice versa. Additionally, any new items listed on ebay, or updates to your existing listings, will automatically be synced to Hip.

    Note: Unfortunately, we cannot yet import existing ebay listings. However, we are working to provide a solution for this soon.
  • I can confirm that the EBAY > HIPSTAMP sync is now working correctly and removing inventory from Hipstamp as it is sold on eBay.

    I still don't know about the HIPSTAMP > EBAY sync because as usual no recent sales here?
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    I think we all agree on that Tania.. it is the ONLY function that works. :-) Ebay items that sell on Ebay are removed here. This does no help to remove Ebay items that sell here (causing jeopardy to integrity of Ebay account) and Zero import abilities..
  • Not so fast... The Ebay > Hipstamp sync isn't 100%.
    It works for single items but not for items listed with multiples.
    I had an item on ebay that I had 31 copies of. One sold on ebay and the quantity adjusted to 30. This was a week ago so I had to manually adjust my Hipstamp listing to reflect the new inventory of 30.

    Fast forward to yesterday when they 'fixed' the ebay>hipstamp sync and whatever programming they used to find sales on ebay and remove them from hipstamp didn't take into account if there was remaining inventory on ebay. So yesterday my hipstamp listing with 30 in inventory was closed. Bottom line is I still have them on ebay but lost my exposure on hipstamp.

    I tried to relist those 30 items on hipstamp but they end up being a stand alone listing (no associated ebay lot #) so that would force me to manually maintain the 2 inventories even after they fix the sync. So I think I'll continue to wait it out knowing that my hipstamp inventory will shrink everytime an item sells on ebay...
  • I received a suggestion to reopen my store, which I have done and closed items since the 13th have closed on Hipstamp, with the same problem Joe advised, multi item listings in eBay are zapped in their entirety here when one sells on eBay.

    So my earlier question is answered, all eBay closed items are reflected here, with the multi item caveat.
  • FROM YESTERDAY'S BANNER UPDATE: "......However, we are currently prevented from automatically closing corresponding listings on eBay and importing new listings from eBay due to a NON-TECHNICAL issue."

    So Ebay and Hipstamp ARE "at loggerheads" then???
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    Wow, so even the Ebay -> Hipstamp sold items sync is not working right. unreal. I would think the added issue of multi item listing not remaining on Hipstamp when they sell is a result of the programming done here. Most likely all of these sync issues are a result of the new makeover- new and improved -programming. I'm not buying the blame it on Ebay story.

    if so Tania, solution with Ebay seems tough and unlikely, imo
  • Hmmm methinks the sold items from eBay aren't being closed here within the hour anymore, I've several ebay sold items from 11:30 ET through an hour ago that haven't been marked as closed on Hipstamp yet.

    Oddly everything that sold on eBay up to the time I reopened my Hipstamp store this morning was closed on Hipstamp, nothing that has sold since I unvacationed my Hipstamp store this morning has been updated as closed here yet.....
  • Just an update: of the last 7 items sold on eBay, 2 have closed here. (The oldest sold 16 hours ago hasn't closed, the next 2 after that closed, the other 4 selling between 10 and 3 hours ago haven't closed either).

    As a note the oldest missed one happened right around the time I reopened my store so that might explain it.
  • I opened a support ticket asking about either extending existing store subscriptions for a period equivalent to this extended outage, or providing pro-rated refunds for sellers who wish to cancel due to this feature no longer working. No response.

    Right now we are paying for critical features no longer functional, and I feel that compensation of some sort is appropriate.

    To say that Hipstamp's communication skills are dismal would be giving them too much credit. At the current rate, I don't see this platform lasting much longer.
  • For those of us who are on annual subscriptions, the date for auto renewal which I think is 1 January 2022, is getting close. If this synch issue not fixed by 1 December, probably going to change type of store to the cheaper flavor.
  • No the automatic renewal is on your anniversary date. (I know this because I just looked at mine and it's Jan 19,2022.)
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    D.Harding... I think the FACT of a refund being due is exactly why they are failing to communicate on this issue. The consequences of them ignoring people could very well , in time, cause this site to close. They have lost Years of Goodwill on this. When the last of that runs out , it will be curtains. communication could have gained support instead they now have upset. Is Mark still working here?
  • Not all of us have a site on eBay, so I doubt this issue will cause this site to close. However, it has caused me to consider using eBay in the future for some selling, without the sync feature because I maintain a large inventory here and doubt it would be worthwhile paying for that on eBay. My concern with doing so, are some of the negative comments concerning managed payments. What is this and is it more expensive than PayPal?
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    PM me and I go through some of this with you as at one time when I was transferring over from Ebay I did keep the 2 going with separate inventories. And there are some other old timers on here going back to the stampwant days that did the same thing because Ebay fees were too high to make 2 full stores impractical.
  • Around 2 years ago the sync from eBay to Delcampe was stopped/canceled. Are we facing the same situation with HipStamp....?
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    John, The payment system there on "E" is fine and i think less expensive than paypal- a touch slower to disburse funds . I thought also that it would be bad but.. and the listing Numbers allowed with stores are huge now with no price increase, Thousands more listings included. Also, more geared toward BIN listings than Auctions , these days. These major changes there could be why there is a conflict with Hipstamp?
  • You know, problems happen. I can deal with that. What is not acceptable is having the "lack of management" crew continues to be so cryptic. If eBay is not co-operating, let us know. What non-technical issue is so secretive that you cannot be more transparent to your customers. I want my money back on the store I opened based on false information supplied by the "lack of management" crew and I cannot for the life of me figure out how not providing a daily update can be that hard. Come on, Hip show some respect for your sellers.
  • Concur that the Managed Payments system is OK. You get your $$ a couple of days later but you get used to it after you get over not having PayPal’s near instant payments. The increase in PayPals’s
    fees together with Hipstamp’s .0895% fee does make fees here higher. However Feebay adds the buyer’s taxes, if any, into the seller’s fee calculations so in that situation, it may be a wash. It’s just the constant “buyer experience improvements” that sellers are forced into about every 6 months that make selling there so frustrating.
  • So does this here mean that Ebay is charging a seller from WI fees to process the taxes for a buyer in CA?


    If you sell to buyers in the US, some jurisdictions may require you to collect applicable Internet Sales Tax on your transactions. As of July 1, 2021 a total of 46 jurisdictions require the collection of sales tax. In such cases, eBay collects and remits Internet Sales Tax on your behalf.

    In jurisdictions where eBay is required to collect Internet Sales Tax from buyers, order totals sent for processing will reflect the gross order amount inclusive of tax.

    Because Hipstamp is defined differently than Ebay I as a WI seller am not REQUIRED to collect sales tax in CA as the total amount per of transactions or dollar amount is under their limits for collecting sales tax. If so that CHANGES the actual fees depending on the tax rate you're paying for.
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