What's Going on with the Lister?

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When trying to create a new listing from an existing listing, it seems to be going into the "Classic" Lister (which looks nothing like the old lister. The item specifics automation is not working and to add a photo, it defaults to taking a picture and I have to click on another button to access images on my hard drive. Anyone else having this issue?



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  • Am I the only one???
  • This is very strange... I normally use Chrome so I tried Microsoft Edge as my browser and it is not happening. Again, would appreciate some confirmation.

  • I use Chrome and have been editing a number of stamps without any problems. It comes up with the new listing format, which is easy to use. Any changes made in the title are automatically changed in the Item Specifics. You have the option of going to the classic lister, but I see no reason to do that. To add a photo, click on the + ... this goes to your hard drive.
  • I stand corrected. Yesterday it was working fine. If I add pair or block, it fills automatically now. If I change the number, it ignores it in the detail.
  • Perhaps they are trying to fix things that aren't broken and breaking something else. We called it pushing the jello when playing in the sandbox. If using contractors they could care less - they get paid to fix what they break.(think about that for a minute).
  • Just tried listing about 20 stamps this morning. Only about a half dozen showed up in my listings. And I always do a check on each item after it is listed to make sure everything got entered correctly, something that can't be done unless a new listing has been created.

    Also, I have quite a few items show up the "Scheduled" listing, a function I have not used.

    Things have gone wobbly again.
  • Carol - I'm thinking the same thing. I know some sellers have been requesting a way to set a preference for the Classic Listing Screen. Since I'm going directly to the Classic Screen when listing, I'm wondering if somehow my profile was set to that in some sort of testing mode.

  • So, just to keep listing, I switched to Microsoft Edge. I listed 2 items. Normally it takes a minute or 2 for them to show up in my Open Listings but it has been about 30 minutes and I am still not seeing them. I'm just going to stop listing for a while until I hear back from the administrators.
  • My Chrome screen is now working as expected.
  • I agree Chrome is working properly now for editing.
  • Programmers break things to justify their existence in fixing the things that they break. How often are your apps on your phone updated? The reason week after week is bug fixes. Ridiculous.
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