Are WW2 stamps with Swastika and Hammer-and-sickle overprints (and concentration camp names) fake?



  • yes Carlos, thank you, I do know these are fake overprints and am awaiting a response from the seller. \I'll let everyone know how this goes.
  • check out this store ROGER NORTH RARITIES
  • His US listings aren't unreasonable. I only see one that is a bit of an exaggeration, but no fake/fraudulent listings in his US material.
  • I imagine that Bob is referring to the nazi overprints, not the US material.
    I believe there was a recent thread about them.
  • Just wanted to bring this back to the fore.
  • I was just commenting on the one area. I'll leave the other areas to those specialists.
  • Hi,

    We thank you for posting. If you notice anything you think might potentially be fake or misidentified, please feel free to use the “Report Abuse” button on the listing page or send us a message with the link to and we will gladly review.

    Thank you and have a great day!
  • Shame on Hipstamp that this user is still selling his trash. 90% of the german stamps are fakes or manipulated.
  • So, Rene, any response?
  • Nope, silence. In one case, I was insulted for knowing nothing. My conclusion is many either don't want to know or are not the "sharpest tools in the shed".
  • Im an Englishman, living in Poland, have been collecting stamps for over 40 years; and unfortunately There are a tremendous amount of fakes on the market here. I know of one particular seller, here in Poland who claims he knows nothing about stamps and is selling his inherited collection. I have made about 15-20 purchases from him, and have had to return every single purchase, because they were fakes. Fortunately I bought on a site that guarantees a refund. The problem for me is that it has made me both very very cautious about buying stamps, and when I do buy , I dont trust anything anymore. Even the cancellations are being faked. !! I have about 10 specialist catalogues now and can check everything, before I buy. There is also a great deal of fake certified stamps (fake BPP signatures) also now on the market, particularly with regard to "Danzig, and " Bohmen and Mahren" issues. So be careful out there. Have a good day :)
  • Not sure about fakes, but i've just purchased 2 overprints, will check them out when they arrive. My previous 2 purchases with o/p seem to be ok, but now I will double check.
  • And it's been going on since day one. I don't even touch the stuff. Bad politics, bad karma. I do enjoy German postwar material, but ya'll can have everything else.

    Many years ago, when I was still young and skinny, I met a dealer at a show who was displaying his collection of bogus and faked nazi material. He said that if real, it would be worth $50,000, just what was in front of me. He spoke a little about how endemic fake German stuff was, and I knew then that it just wasn't for me.
  • A Good source on what is real and what has been forged or completely Bogus is the German Philatelic Society's Forgery Guide. It comes in about 30 Binders with comparisons. Not all of it is WW2 but comprises of all eras from German States to Modern. I don't know if it is still available. Search the GPS website for more details. My set is about 30years old and there must be additions about all this modern material which has been offered on the internet.
  • Harry, I have some of those as well , sent to me by a senior member of the BPP :) helps a lot . Im mostly interested in before 1949 issues.
  • Karl, if you are spending big dollars on German Material this set is a must.
  • Please let us know.
  • Certainly will :)
  • IMG_0002(0)

    OK so now Im having serious doubts about all of these issues :/ this is from my first purchase from them
  • Yes they are some of the garbage he sells.
  • IMG_0002(0)

    I got these from the same seller. Reported them as potential forged overprints. What do you think ?
  • The stamps look authentic but the swastika over printed the original cancelation marks screams home made stamping over prints for what eye appeal or profit increase?
  • no expert but my gut is never wrong and is telling me they are forged overprint look at the original cancel marks easy proof because the swastika over print is over the cancel making it not authentic overprint either they or someone else added those over prints over the original cancels to try and add value more or less try to swindle those less knowledgeable about such things!
  • Interestingly enough Karl’s the first person to complain via by giving neutral feedback to the seller.
  • I all ways look before I buy but like said a picture is a thousand words so more pictures the better!
    My feedback is from buying only and unfortunately got lucky go bidding fevor when I 1st joined hipstamp and couldn't make up the cash fast enough since then only had a hand full of people close the order and give negative feedback meanwhile many other's are patient and understanding of many situations stuff happens!
  • Hi Karl,these stamps you have bought are real stamps but with 100% fake or fantasy overprints.The overprints over the 2 single stamps are fantasy,the Nazis never issued such overprints and they are not recorder in the Michel catalog.These overprints were created and printed by the seller in order to scam some unexpert buyers.

    I recommend you try to contact the seller in order to return these fake stamps and get your money case the seller refuse the return you have a second option that is to file a claim with Paypal

  • It might not have been the seller that applied them, rather they were applied 30 or 40 years ago, and just continue to get sold/passed in collections, and resold, resold, resold again.
    I have a few of these that came in a collection. We make a point of not selling FAKES, so that this doesn't get perpetuated. Forgeries and Counterfeits sold as such are fine, and have philatelic significance (or can have) but fakes are just fakes.
  • I don't know how hip allows many of this guy's listings especially the used copies because the/overprint is overtop of the cancels/
  • Only stamps I got that are over printed cancels are like Christmas and Shrek and other related thing's but I'm guessing there's a range of collectors for that stuff!
  • Brett you cannot sell that kind of stuff on this site , read the by-laws. I just went thru this guy's store and I'd say 95 % of his listings with overprints are forgeries. I think this is completely unacceptable and hip should step in and remove them all. It'b not just the " German stamps "either
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