Why blame The seller for slow shipping.

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Shipped the next day #1343 MNH Plate Block
He left a neutral feed back. ((It took nearly 4 weeks to arrive, but it was a nice example at a fair price.)) ????


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  • From where to where?
  • Plainville Kansas, to Lakeland, Florida
  • Wow! That seems odd.
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    Once it's the mail it's out of the seller control. If you want Ins. or Tracking it's extra.

    ALL Buyers Need to read Everyone's Shipping Instructions

    MY Shipping Instructions
    I Prefer PayPal payment or M.O. I do combine postage and handling - I try my best to provide good sound stamps - but once in a while I do miss something. The Stamp pictured is the stamp you will receive. I will not be responsible for any shipments that are lost. Tracking and Insurance is extra on orders under $30.00. If you have any questions please email me. A.P.S. Member since 1988.
    Returns Policy
    If you are not satisfied with any lot, Please return it for a full refund or credit - plus your postage cost - Please email me if you are returning any lot. I try my best to provide good sound stamps. But once in a while I do miss something. If you have any questions please email me. A.P.S. Member since 1988.
  • Sellers need to be able to educate buyers or be able to block them
  • You might at well take out the statement about not being responsible for lost shipments without tracking. If the buyer takes it to a Paypal dispute and you do not have trackable shipping you will lose that dispute EVERY time. They will hold you responsible for it.
  • Not talking about PayPal. The slow shipping or be able to block byers or move my store
  • @Michael Duehr that is true. But here's what happens on our end. We send registered mail from Japan to US. We can see tracking up until it reaches the US. Then the USPO arbitrarily decides to update it or not (I would say 80%+ of the time it doesn't). So the registration never shows delivered (though we know 100% of the have been), and some ethically challenged a-holes raise a case because they KNOW they can. This happened to me a lot on eBay. Here, so far no, but we've had TONS of complaints about "Slow shipping"... you know, in the midst of a pandemic and supply chain debacles, and on and on... but the "entitled Americans" (We don't get complaints from our foreign buyers about shipping times), whine like little children when their item doesn't show up in 4 days. It is the one thing that drives us crazy... this isn't a "seller education" issue. This is a HEY Entitled Americans... BE bloody patient like the rest of the world. [end rant].

    I'm so sick of this, and now the US postal service have further "downgraded" their delivery schedules. Expect lots more complaints.

    I'm also tired of everything being justified now as "Due to Covid"... wow three words that are applied to justify anything.
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    I understand that. I myself have had buyers that were asking about their shipment within a couple of days when they had purchased it over a holiday weekend.

    The buyer that Richard shipped to was in the US and it should not have taken 4 weeks to get there.

    You have a different issue with the fact you are using a trackable method. Richard in his shipping instructions tells you he is not on orders under $30 unless the buyer requests and pays for it and then is trying to place a policy in place that he can NOT enforce through Paypal. My only point with that is just that and nothing more.

    The real issue he is having is the fact is that the buyer left that awful neutral feedback mind you, (which in the long run isn't going to affect his selling, and a lot of people aren't going to give a rat's behind about it and never read it in the first place, because within a week it will be buried with the volume he does.) Never mind the fact with how some of the buyers leave feedback you can tell the buyer is a PITA and not the seller. Or that the issue is outside the control of the seller.
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    Lets not forget that there are sellers that really do ship slower than the rest of the sellers. There is at least one seller on here that only ships once a week. And if the buyer CAN NOT read the cancellation without tracking which shows the day it went into the PO there is no way for the buyer to really know when you actually shipped it, other than your say so. If this is the first time he brought from you how is he to know that your normal time to place shipments in the mail is for example within 24 hours?

    I do correct that the buyer himself may not be a PITA if he didn't have all the information.
  • A while back I had two orders to the east coast. They both took over 30 days to get there from Wyoming. Since then I sent a couple packages to Europe that I sent with tracking. Watching the tracking on both showed where my log jam is at. All mail in Wyoming is processed in Cheyenne. If it leaves the state, its next stop is Denver. My overseas packages both spent 3 weeks in Denver. I don't know if there is a difference between processing tracked vs non-tracked packages but take out Denver and the delivery time to the east coast is close to "normal". I might be mixing apples and oranges but it makes a fella wonder.
  • Just for a clarification all packages are tracked, first class letters are not. (Part of the cost of the packages is the included tracking) And yes there is difference in the handling of letters as opposed to packages.
  • Unfortunately buyers do blame sellers for slow delivery and apparently PayPal agrees. They just notified me a case was opened today for non-receipt of stamp. The buyer purchased it on 10/9. Granted it should have been delivered by now; however the USPS is playing games with it. It's destination is Raleigh which is 250 miles away. Granted I could have mailed it on 12th, but didn't mail until the 13th from Bat Cave, NC to Greenville, SC, (14th) then to Raleigh, NC (15th), then to Greensboro, NC (15th) with last info dated 18th stating in Transit, Arriving Late. This is further clarified with the following comment. "Your package will arrive later than expected, but is still on its way. It is currently in transit to the next facility". Hopefully it will be delivered and the buyer doesn't get his money back.
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    Purchased on 10/9 that’s distasteful, buyers need to have some patience especially when USPS is promising further slowdowns. Generally a buyer gives it a 30 day wait. I had a recent order I purchased take 49 days from TX to NY first class but
    I did receive the stamps!
  • The reason us sellers are blamed is because we are the only ones the buyers have access to blame. It is just part of the cost of doing business. I wouldn't worry about it too much. Most buyers understand this and I doubt anyone has lost a sale because of a complaint about the postal services' delays.
  • Harry... you're dead wrong.
    Not only have we lost sales because of it, we've lost money because of it. PayPal sides, the person gets it a couple weeks later, and we never see the amount again. Even if it's "Receipted". If the buyer doesn't pay a 2nd time, (after they've been fully refunded and they have the item), you've NOWHERE to go.
  • Wow had a nice message the buyer has not received his order Mailed 7/13. He needed to let me know a little quicker.
    Problem taken care. That's the way it needs to be done.
    Keep on Stamping
  • Richard, that is wonderful. I get very aggressive buyers that haven't received their order. This really makes me want to block them, which we can't. They do blame me when they don't get the order as Harry has said. Even though they get an email from me and Pay Pal as to the mailing date. And now the USPS has decided to take longer for the delivery time. Oh argh, matey, what a person to do?
  • If totally unjustified I send a request to Hipstamp to remove it. I send the serial complainer a message telling them that in the future their orders will not be filled. If they do still order I send a copy of my request to Hipstamp to tell them why I am refusing the order and refund through Paypal.
    A lot o BS to replace the ability to block bidders we used to have.
  • Absolutely, Carol. If in the event those customers want to purchase again I will avoid the hassle and them getting a free order (MAYBE) and cancel the order. I don't want/need the stress now a days.
  • I am commenting here as a buyer. I placed an order recently with Luree Hughes. She promptly mailed it out. The circus we know as the USPS took 3 weeks to deliver my material. I alerted Luree to this, but sadly the USPS has decided to treat First Class Mail as anything but. I don't know what the problem is.

    I do very heavy trading Internationally. My trades to Germany arrive within 5 days. I sent some FDCs to a collector in India; he got them a few days ago. Months ago, I ordered some stamps from a dealer on Hip located in Kansas; arrived here (NJ) in 2 1/2 weeks. I could go on and on. It is clear to me that they need to clean house at the USPS, starting at the top. I don't think sellers are to blame, but the only common denominator in these situations is HipStamp.
  • My package to be delivered in Raleigh, NC that was sent in error from Raleigh to Greensboro, NC on the 15th hasn't yet been returned to Raleigh which is 80 miles away. The last tracking update was on the 19th advising it was in transit to next facility. Fortunately, Paypal is holding on the refund the buyer requested for non-delivery. Hopefully it will make it before refund is made, as the buyer has a negative feedback for failing to pay or communicate with seller for another expensive stamp which he had made on an offer that was accepted.
  • @Ronald Tegeti "The only common denominator in these situations is HipStamp", UH, NO. The common denominator is all the shipping originates from the USPS!

    The other issue is, you assume all conditions are the same in all locations even within the same state or country. This is far from true. An entire facility can get shut down due to a high concentration of positive Covid cases, anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Please don't forget whether you "agree" with it or not, the IS a Covid Pandemic on around the world, and it's unpredictable result on human behavior is what is resulting in such crazy inconsistencies.
  • Buyers And Sellers need to just communicate. 90%+ problems could solved
    Enjoy the hobby.
    Keep on Stamping
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    Happy to report that after 8 days sitting in Greensboro, my package was finally resent to Raleigh and was delivered to buyer's mailbox at 12:02 this afternoon. Only took 15 days for mail to travel 250 miles. Hopefully this doesn't become the norm. Now I hope PayPal closes his case for non-delivery before they make a refund.
  • All this aggravation with the USPS is very unsettling. I would like to know how you can mail a single stamp as a package. My post office will not allow me to mail a small item in a #10 size envelope or greeting card size envelope as a package, nor can I send it insured. I send by Certified mail items over $50, and I know I shouldn't be sending items of value by Certified mail, but that is the only way I have found to get a tracking number. And just recently the USPS has now stopped tracking Certified mail, even though I am paying a much higher fee to send it this way. Can't win these days!
  • William,

    Use Paypal for mailing. Click on buyers name & choose print shipping label. You can ship via Large Envelope/Package for about $3.36-$3.85 (depends on weight & zone) which includes tracking. The label will not fit on a #10 envelope, though.

  • William,
    I think it is criminal that the USPS sells a service they don't deliver. Just unbelievable. I hate sending mail by "certified/registered" from Japan to US because once it hits the US, we RARELY get updates that show it's delivered...

  • William,

    I use ShippingEasy and mail by Large Envelope/Documents for about the same price as PayPal. The label fits on a 6x9 envelope. This includes tracking. You can also purchase insurance for an additional fee which is less than the USPS.
  • Well, I'm in Japan. none of these are options.
    My point is if USPS offer a "trackable service" and in line with UPU reciprocity, then they should actually have to provide that service fully. They don't. Less than 30% of the time I would say based on the last 2 - 3 years of shipping.
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