auction numbers fluctuating and missing pictures

So i list 51 auctions and the counter remains the same, then i cant find the listings i just listed, then the counter reverts back to previous number then my listings appear some with and some without pictures, able to recover them and deleted them. The counter then shows i have 25 more on than i should have, what a total mess


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  • There is something funky going on. I reported this to Hipstamp yesterday. They "recovered" my listings.
    Today we've had a similar problem, so support is "fixing" the user, but not the problem.
    I'm guessing they're working on some modifications that has broken the listing somewhere. Hopefully they will get it stabilized soon...
    But in the meantime if you email support, and tell them your listings aren't showing up, they should be able to resolve it quickly. Took about 1 - 2 hours for them to fix my last set.
  • yeh just sent a message, they actually sent out a promotional flyer for my site this weekend which i cant list anything on, seems like it is a wasted opportunity for sure
  • Yeah, I've just had to message them as well, as we're missing listings again too.
    Weirder this time, they were visible, then they are missing. Yesterday they just didn't show up as soon as listed, but after they "intervened" they were visible again.
  • I'm having this problem as well for listings I created today. Sent them an email and they fixed it and 5 minutes later, they were missing again. Server issue ?
  • Doesn't sound like a server issue.
    Sounds more like a data base problem.
    Could be index corruption, but so far I haven't noticed that on listings we had a week ago, just in the last 2 days. So that's some clue...
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    Just lost 44 pictures (japan) I hope someone works on the weekend lol
    I have sent a message but being in Australia I guess it will take some time to get a result
    I have just spent some time with ebay customers that due to the continuing nightmare of errors and poor service I was moving to Hipstamp totally. hope I have not made a mistake not a good look for my new customers.
  • I know i added 51 auctions, but the calculator shows 20 extra, all a bit strange to me, dont know where to start looking to rectify the problem, bit reluctant to list new gear as history shows no pictures one minute then pictures appears then the numbers go up and then back down, a complete mess
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    i'm thinking all of this mess is one of the main reasons the sync with ebay was never fixed. the problems , i am thinking are due to the initial remake not programmed correctly and now everything needs an adjustment aka a bandaid that in the future will cause more issues. Each Bandaid prevents future fixes or at least makes them 50% more difficult. it really helps to have a programmer that actually knows how to program. anything else is a disaster that you pay for until you scrap everything and start over. only solution. so far they have almost destroyed the site.. give em time , they will complete the job. not even sure if they can reset the site to the old programming now. probably not as most of listings were done under the new format. First thing you do when hiring a programmer is be sure they can actually do the work needed. I think it is obvious this was not done. I can just hear the excuses and the blame game... :-)
  • If they could reset the site the way it was pre-Gibbons with all of the wonderful features I would gladly pay double what they are charging today for this data poor system which requires a days worth of downloading cvs files to get the data I used to be able to pull up in minutes.
  • Can someone give me the address for support. Mine are missing again. I will stop listing until they get this fixed. Problem is, where can we go now. Ebay is just too expensive and difficult to work with..
  • Harry check out the contact us link at the bottom of the page
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