I have a million dollar stamp collection who wants to help identify and sell?

I have so many from every country


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  • Anyone that can help will get a piece of the pie
  • Ok, I have nothing else to do at the moment. What are you talking about? What do you have? How did you acquire it (provenance)? How did you set the value at a million dollars? Do you have any experience in philatelics?,,,,,just a few from among a million other questions. Let's see where this goes.
  • I hear a million dollars worth of crickets.
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  • My first question would be why you didn't just sell your collection to one of the many large stamp dealers that would pay you one lump sum for your collection? Mystic comes to mind.

    Are you aware of the huge amount of time and effort that is required to sell stamps on this site with very little above expenses earned in return?

    What percentage of the sale amount are you willing to pay to your "seller"?
  • Richard, have a piece of pie my friend. This character is just trolling for attention. I started it and am now chewing on "Humble Pie". Good band by the way! I guess I have to spend "Thirty Days in the Hole" now.
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  • Very, very, very few postage stamp collections are worth a million dollars. Just because there are alot of stamps in a collection, doesn't connote huge value.

    The collection in question is not worth a million dollars. Prove me wrong.
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    When you have a website having these stamp for sale, you can easly end up with a 10 million dollar collection Screen Shot 2021-11-15 at 9.09.14 PM
  • Still doesn't mean that the collection is worth $1 million.
  • Cody, if the catalogue value of your stamp collection is $1,000,000 when you come to sell it you will be extremely lucky to realise 10% of it.
  • Cody left the building a long time ago.
  • He didn't mention the "million dollars" were 1990s Zimbabwe dollars
  • Greg, a drive-by provocation.
  • I was hoping for some pie though. I'll just have to settle for 3.14159 I guess....
  • Maybe he was pricing them in BTC and converting to dollars
  • More likely he was a spamming ah
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    Cody Bulmer, I will be more than happy to assist you. We can discuss the specifics when you contact me.
  • I am also in this scenario. I don't believe my collection is worth a million dollars or anything but..... I do have some very intricate and RARE pieces.

    I have got alot of info from just reading this, With that being said.....

    I am willing to give whoever wants to jump on this adventure of selling/spreading the excitement with me... %25 of each sale we complete, whether it is a lot of stamps or single pieces. I am actually intrigued to learn about this industry and would like to understand how hard my grandfather worked alto aquire this magnificent collection.
  • So if anyone is interested. Please reach out to me and I will leave you with some contact information. :)

    If any of this is against the rules, I apologise and please delete this.

    Thanks again for taking the time to read my post, and I'm hoping to gain anllot of knowledge while building a great relationship out of this.
  • Jonathan,
    No need to give away 25% of your collection value. Happy to help you if you want to dive in.
    Step 1:
    Open a Hipstamp account.
    Step 2:
    Photograph your stamps, either individually, or in small logical groups/sets/collections.
    Step 3:
    List them on Hipstamp. If you need help with ID'ing, we can help, or at least point you in the right direction. This forum (not just this thread) has tons of information on US and Worldwide. I've already helped dozens of people over the years start their own collection sales. It makes the most sense, and regardless you'd end up doing the bulk of the work (listing, packing, mailing). Just dive in.
  • Jonathan,

    Due to the changes with how Paypal is dealing with 1099's in the US the first thing you need to do is talk to a tax consultant before trying to sell it online now. (They will send out 1099's for annual sales of $600 or more, that was changed at the beginning of this year) A tax consultant can better tell you the best way for you to proceed. If you don't set it up properly now you could end up in a world of hurt because of the lower limit of the 1099's that Paypal is required to send out now.
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