EBAY SYNCING not working



  • As I understand it, for me during the up/down time:

    Items listed on eBay before up till Sept 25th (for me) will show here
    Nothing listed from September 26th till October 8th will show here (for me)
    Things listed from October 9th till the 13th (the squid time) will show here (for me)
    Everything after the 14th does not show here (for me)

    I looked at my listed items and that's how I came up with these dates, they may be off a day or two if I didn't happen to list something on one of the days.
  • The item I listed did synch.
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    Thanks for posting that info Robert- Let us know if existing Ebay stock ever syncs to here? anyone else? I need to get 3500 items over here and doing it by hand would be insane. items were listed oct 1st? :-) please keep us updated on any progress?

    Side note it appears Mark is getting things happening.. maybe they will figure this mess out . Also I received a full refund for the issues I had with both my stores. I am impressed and hope for good progress eventually with all of this.
  • I find it interesting that while apparently Mark and other HS staff are actively responding in other threads on this forum, not a single officlal post here. And STILL nto a single email to sellers about the problem. Absolutely clueless.
  • And.. ended listings on eBay not removed/ended on HS.
  • D. Harding, how much more "official" than Mark do you want?

    Do you not know he's the owner of this site?
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    Mark has not posted in this thread or on any other thread discussing the Sync issues. nor has anyone at hipstamp posted anything on this issue in the forums, anywhere in the forums. This is concerning for many reasons. If one only list here if the sync is working this updated info is needed because some of the updated sync info is only available if you have a valid "open" store here. also, some info is not available to people that open new stores - or false incorrect info stating that the sync is working better than it is. but this "banner info" seems to change frequently :-)

    This is a VERY serious matter to those it effects and not so much to those that do not require the sync to work. Also, many people here Paid for a working Sync with Ebay up to a year contract. certainly, the management is well aware of all this. :-) It boils down to logic at this point. If you want to list here without the sync or not list here if you require it. A shame but that is the facts. In my opinion for new sellers.. this site should remove all mention of the sync as only one tiny least useful part of it works. this is confusing to a new seller and hence misleading. (imo)
  • Luree Hughes, did you not understand my post? Neither Mark nor any other Hipstamp staff have responded in THIS thread, or as Jerry Burkhart correctly remarked, anywhere else on this forum regarding the sync problems. Nor have they made ANY official communications to sellers about sync no longer being functional.

    Do you not see this as problematic?
  • Well excuse me. I have seen Mark commenting on several threads and I thought this was one of them.

    I stand corrected albeit a little rudely!
  • This sentence, which appears in the last paragraph of the info on the sync page, should say it all:

    "Unfortunately, we no longer have the opportunity to participate in this program."

    It looks to me like eBay has removed the "opportunity".
  • I had not noticed that they had updated the wording/message there!

    Losing the opportunity ie functionality is too bad. I will be interested to see how the replacement pieces come together to replace as much as is possible here.

    Personally I can survive having to manually delete the related eBay items when the synchronized ones sell here, because I don't sell large volumes of lower priced items and I sadly don't sell a large volume of items here.

    I would like the ability to import newly listed eBay items onto hipstamp again, oftentimes stuff that tends to sell well here (for me) doesn't sell as well on eBay (for me) and vice versa.

    The adventure continues.....
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    I can see the issue, somewhat. In the old days we could easily create .csv file type of Ebay inventory by using Turbo Lister. If that is still possible they have hidden the function well :-) that file could then be used at other sites to upload inventory or to edit existing inventory in bulk. perhaps a third party program exist to still do this? even if it is complicated.. it would be a method to upload existing stock if the then created ebay inventory .csv file type could be uploaded here on hipstamp. this would at least allow for uploading inventory but is not the same as a sync. two different issues.I could also get along without the sync but not the missing upload feature of existing ebay stock. Just saying, perhaps there are workarounds as Ron mentioned in above post? even through third part software if needed?

    if this .csv file type upload function feature existed here (that is if one can even convert Ebay inventory into .csv file type?), we could delete inventory and re list via an updated .csv file type at will? this would reconcile inventory as wanted?
  • At some point yesterday all my "newly" added items on ebay that had not synchronized to Hipstamp showed up here, so something has been put in place to pull newly listed ebay listed items here, which is good news for me as I've been listing some stuff in eBayland that has a higher likelihood of selling here! Thought I would share the progress, I don't see anything mentioned in the updates about the change/implementation yet, so it might be in "beta" mode.....
  • I'm losing thousands in sales and my inventory is in total disarray. I disabled my ebay sync this morning to disable - enable it hoping it would update, and it seems now its gone forever . . .i dont know . .
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    The bulk of them arrived around 6pm, another batch arrived around 8pm yesterday. I don't see any rhyme nor reason as to why they came in two groups, the last group wasn't the newest listed stuff, it was a jumble.

    I just listed something will see if it shows up here and when.....

    Update, it has showed up here now so newly listed stuff (for me at least) is synchronizing here.
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    are you using the squid permission link on Ebay? thanks for the update!

    I would think that possibly if one was to shut down their store BIN listings on Ebay.. then relist them that any sync would have to upload them? with all the free listings over there this should work for most ..and be free.
  • Hi Jerry, yes I signed up for the squid permission link (here) early on in the synch problem resolution process. I don't know if that is still being used or not or how I would know.

    I did not have to do anything for the stuff to resume showing up here...sending a note to the "contact us" link on the synch page with your question might be worthwhile if you aren't seeing your stuff populating here now. I would do that before I closed/made any changes to anything on eBay.
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    yes, i am thinking wait is the prudent thing to do at this point. I would hate to open stores again and have to close them. I may test it out on the smaller store (1000 items) as it is geared for BIN only. easy enough to end listings there and restart them (would cost nothing). the only thing i assume is all syncs would need to be done by hand. not too big a chore for my level of sales here. Also under the present circumstances with the sync, my customers purchases here would be subject to availability and may require a paypal refund on duplicate sales. If the closing/reopening on ebay works - then it would be a way to reconcile at any point in time as easy enough to close out all sales here on Hipstamp to start fresh. I think.. logically it makes sense.. but :-) ...Thanks Ron, i may test it out soon.
  • Is it possible to have just one ebay listing sent to hipstamp, just so I can test one listing for format before syncing all my items? Because I have some html on the ebay "template", I want to see how much of that I need to delete over there before sending the whole list here.
  • Any HTML will sow up on HipStamp as just the code.
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    just to repeat myself.. :-) Does anyone here know if closing then reopening existing BIN store inventory on ebay-- will result in the items showing up here on Hipstamp? I'm hoping someone knows the answer to this so I don't have to gamble on being charged $10 per store here :-) and then having zero results that i need.

    Update- Ok I am trying 200 items that i closed and relisted. I'll let any know here if it works. I do have the squid link but not anything else like the old Hipstamp sync link.

    I dont think this is going to work as it states Sync "disabled" with no mention of Squid Sync now. What a mess. :-) It may be the only items syncing over are from the old hipstamp sync link that is no longer available? I'll give this a couple days?
  • Hi everybody. FYI, a bunch of stamps I listed yesterday as Fixed Price/ Buy IT NOW on EBAY showed up this morning on HipStamp. I had not activated the Squid permission link nor any other unusual tactic.
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    Thanks for info. i'm thinking they are coming from the old hipstamp sync link? which is no longer available. I have both sync links on the main store.
  • Will we ever get the Sync link working again ?, If not there is no point in continuing with Hipstamps as i really do rely on it as i do not want to do two lots of work for the same items
  • I agree Ian, same here
  • And the management crickets keep on chirping...
  • Is anyone else still getting issues with this clayton's sync?

    I sent an email to support a week ago and copied in Mark thinking he would want to chime in, the silence is deafening.

    Here's the issues I sent with no resolution:

    "1) I still have a lot of listings that have not added to HipStamp. eBay = 8264. HipStamp = 8190.
    [I even sent a long list of the items that have not added to HipStamp].

    2) I still don't know WHEN Private ID's (SKU) will be adding to listings again, and if/when those that are now missing will also be added.

    3) I still don't know if/when changes made to eBay listings will be changed on HipStamp."

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    I have also noticed that when I did a % off promotion on eBay the sync used to transfer across the % reduction to Hipstamp.

    This no longer happens.
  • Anybody heard any update on this? I closed my store a couple weeks ago because of the problem. I'd be happy to come back if they ever come up with a solution.
  • It's now a month since there was any progress. I was advised that my 1) was an issue they have for non US accounts that do not sell to the US. I emailed back that EXCEPT I DO sell to the US so this was not my issue. I asked for a relevant answer to MY issue and have not heard back.

    Issues 2) and 3) were finally acknowledged but with no solutions as to when these could be fixed.

    I'm afraid that if you are a fish in the big pond outside the US then like other issues I've reported here over the last couple of years, these will be left at the bottom of the pile to hopefully be forgotten and it's business as usual.
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