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Hello, I am looking to start selling my stamp collection. I was wondering if anyone has any tips on the best way to ship stamps that is both economical and protects the integrity of the stamp?

Thank you!


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  • I've been selling for 2 months so far I find that $1-2 is best for US shipping cost n international $2-3.5 this is for a ounce or less more prices for cost of shipping can be found on the USPS Site, also I use cheap air tight jewelry like plastic bags got over 6 sizes for small stamps to large stamps/order's protection against the weather on shipping cost $1-2 for a 100 count at Wal-Mart! Search the arts n crafts section close to the jewelry crafts!
  • Stamps need to be sent with a stiff envelope which costs you .58 for the first ounce plus a .30 for non machinable surcharge for a total of .88 plus the cost of the envelope and supplies for the packaging. It is illegal to send postage stamps out of the US by regular first class mail since they are considered merchandise that needs a customs form and must be sent by First Class International package service which costs $14.25 to $19.75 depending on the country you are sending it to. You can send it by regular mail but the item could be confiscated and if you have many complaints the government might come after you with a large fine. Also a few countries, like the UK, wants you to have a tax number.
    We do not sell internationally.
    We have been selling and shipping items for over 30 years.
  • Thank you both for you help!
  • I am not sure what Bill considers a "stiff envelope". I have been selling stamps since 1996 when I started with the Yahoo Auction (Closed a long time ago). I just use standard size envelopes. I agree with the small plastic bags (Check our along with a copy of the invoice and a piece of light cardboard, We use cardboard from Cereal, soda and almost any boxed food box. To this I add a First Class Stamp. Most international sales, I simply use a standard international with the same material inside. My PO knows I am mailing stamps by my return address label. I have also talked with them about mailing stamps and nothing has ever been said. Add to this that about 1/2 of my sales are international and unless it causes a problem for me, I am not going to to such expense. It would kill all of my international sales. PS: I charge $1.50 US (Need to cover Hipstamp and PayPal fees), $2.00 to Canada and $4.00 to all other countries.
  • I forgot to add. Invitation envelopes from Staples (if 1 oz or less) mails on a single 1st Class stamp. Makes it easy it mail small sheetlets. Also, consider getting 2nd ounce stamps (This includes not only the 1st ounce but also the 2nd ounce in one stamp.
  • Since Staples was mentioned (i only buy stamps) may want to find a paper store such as kelly, Spicer JC, Unisource if exist in your area as I just bought A6 invitation envelopes 250 @ $5 or ream of color paper (500) @ $2 hope this helps somebody if not, oh well
  • Harry I can't believe your PO knowingly allows you to ignore postal regulations concerning your international stamp sales. While you might not see anything wrong with intentionally breaking the law, I believe most sellers on this site wouldn't encourage a new seller to follow your example. I assume you are not a ASAP member, as we are required to live with a code of ethics when selling. My international sales have suffered since I had to increase my shipping costs by $8.60 to $11.00, but I can sleep at night knowing that no one will come knocking on my door. I use Shipping Easy which is less expensive than the PO.
  • I use Pirate Ship or discount postage which I get for half face or less. I do not trust the machines at the Post Office so I use stiff cardboard. I learned a long time ago that to be safe you have to send an item as non-machinable and I have a sticker that I put on the envelope "Do Not Bend" I also put everything into a plastic bag. I have sold on line and in mail sales and have 100's of thousands items shipped.
    I have also shipped items since the '70's to other dealers and have never had a problem.
    A cereal box is not very stiff so you can get away with it so you do not have to do non-machinable but you are sending at your own risk.
    Sending items international as regular first class mail.and violating the laws are against APS bylaws and will get you expelled. It is also against bylaws of ASDA and IPDA.

    A person can do what they want at their own risk.
  • Also, I found out from a postal clerk, if you write "Do Not Bend" on a non-rigid envelope, you must pay the non-machinable surcharge, as you are, in effect, saying, do not send this through the machine.
  • I use "Please do not fold". Not one issue with USPS on that....yet. Crap! Probably just jinxed myself.
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    Yes Ted is right that by putting "Do Not Bend" on the envelope denotes that it is a non-machinable. It is then hand stamped by the postal clerk and put in a separate bin.
    Each Post Office has their own interpretation of the rules even many do not know what the rules are.
    Since I put my own postage on the envelope so the cost for a NM ounce is $0.44 or less.
  • The non-machinable surcharge is 30 cents, does not include the 20 cent additional ounce rate if you go over 1 ounce (up to 3.5 ounces), and applies to the first class letter rate only.
  • Thanks for that tidbit, Michael. I thought the NMS was still 20c. I’ve been using the NMS Butterfly stamps for 2 ounce orders, so I’ve been overpaying.
  • with the number of order claimed "not received" rising, I now also add "certificate of mailing" to all shipment without tracking
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