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Here I am again - Stumped!?! How do you leave feed back for a dealer? I tried putting it in search but nothing. I looked around and still nothing. I thought I did see something once but don't remember where. Help!


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  • Hi,

    If you click members' area, there is a "feedback" tab along the top. To leave feedback you then need to click "leave feedback" on the right-hand side. You can then select the items and leave feedback. Hope this helps.

  • Thanks James - It worked but it was a lot easier on bidstart - sure do miss that site.
  • Its not really hard to find, but once feedbacks are left there is almost no reaction because no one knows (buyers) you left feedback. Same for sellers, once a week I go and check if my customers are happy. It would be much simpler if it was part of the "items ordered/sold" section.

  • We'll be adding the feedback option to the Purchases / Sold Orders section in the future.
  • Glad to hear something will done about simplifying the feedback process, one of the most important features to sellers. I've had 16 sales on HipStamp since I joined; 0 feed backs. Every time I complete a sale, I have to search around for several minutes to attempt to leave feedback. Very frustrating!
  • Mark, any update on when the feedback system overhaul will be completed? Buyers particularly are simply not bothering to leave feedback. Can you also include follow up reminders to buyers and sellers that have 'forgotten' to leave any. Keep up the good work, thanks.
  • Why should buyers leave feedback when dealers/sellers feel that it's not important enough to leave feedbacks for buyers . . . unless they got stiffed or didn't get paid fast enough. I won a small auction bid a while back, paid the same day I won and posted a positive feedback the day that I received the items . . . and to this day have not received a feedback from the seller. Is it that my purchase was too small and insignificant, or is it that I know what courtesy and respect is and the seller is unaware of uncaring of courtesy and respect?????
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    Linton, I suspect that it's more the fact that there are also sellers who cannot locate where to leave feedback here. Of course there are also some sellers that have worked out how to leave feedback, despite it being less than intuitive.

    I KNOW the problem is with the current system. As a seller with good sales here, I always leave feedback yet have not had a single feedback for months. This does not happen on eBay, Delcampe or eBid, where feedback is running at about 90%. Conclusion: the feedback system here is BROKEN.
  • I agree with you. On Ebay buyer feedback is almost always within a week of mailing and I run about 80 per cent., I leave feedback the day I send the item, usually the day after receiving payment because the buyer has completed their obligation at that point in time.
  • Speaking of Feedback, can we see who left the feedback? For some reason when I check on my feedback that was left the buyer's information is missing. Did something happen that I wasn't aware of?
  • I can't speak for sellers but from the buyers' perspective, feedback is easily seen and left while in the "Members Area." The seller leaving the feedback is identified and one can not only leave feedback (from the pending link at right) but also view feedback that has been left.

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    I agree 100% with Rod, the feedback system is NOT working, its not visible to fill it, and its not visible when you do get feedback. I've had customers from Bidstart and some which I was able to "move" from Delcampe, who used to religiously fill their feedback are now, not giving feedback....and they are satisfied with my service, they've ordered several times, I've given them feedback but nothing on their part or very few. Feedback should be visible with the listing of items sold, period.
  • Just to let you feedback-obsessed sellers know where one buyer stands -- I almost NEVER look at a seller's feedback number. It does not enter into my decision-making process.
    The number is not important to me - the quality of the merchandise and whether it is something I need is what makes me decide to buy from someone.
  • Dave, maybe I'm obsessed, but I doubt you would buy from a seller with several negatives, or at least you would read why, this person had a negative. And if you were a seller obsessed with feedback, I dont't think you would ship to someone who has had several negatives. If its useless, then I really wonder, why eBay, Delcampe and previously Bidstart are obsessed in wasting their time to set up and maintain their feedback systems.
  • Several negatives out of thousands of feedbacks would deter me? Probably not, since is that number is not readily visible when I am shopping, and even if I were to see it, I would chalk it up to an occasional aberration (as I have read about right here) or attribute it to a buyer who doesn't have patience or understand the system well enough to hold off on the negative feedback.
    I didn't say the system was useless - if you want to obsess over it, that's fine. I don't think any of the sites you mention "waste their time" maintaining feedback systems. Once they are up the systems run themselves, and are deemed a security blanket for those who need it.
    Feedback has become a standard feature on commerce sites and I can only imagine the outcry if it was not in place.
    I feel similarly about those 'surveys' that online merchandisers ask you to take, commenting on your 'shopping experience'. Who knows if anyone ever looks at those or if they are just a placebo to let people think their opinions matter?
    When I go to an actual store or market, I don't stand out in front before going in and poll other shoppers on how they feel about the management. If the store is convenient, has what I want, and the price is right, I'll be a customer.
  • You are giving exactly the reason why feedback is important: "and are deemed a security blanket for those who need it." You just summed it up! Thank you!
    As to surveys, you wonder if somebody looks at them? I can assure you from personal experience that they do. You'll never know as long comments are positive or cute. But if you raise a real issue, IF the company is not bluffing you will have a reaction.
    When you go to a store you don't need to poll other shoppers, you can SEE and TOUCH the merchandise and most importantly you can take it with you. With mail order, all you have is...nothing! Feedback is just a way, not foolproof, but still a useful tool to have an idea if you will gamble your money on something you haven't seen. You don't find it useful that's ok, even I don't think you would order from someone who has several negatives or nothing to base your opinion on. If you had a purchase to do from "X" with no feedbacks or several negatives and the same item from "Y", I think I know which one you'd pick!
  • Your last paragraph is a good one -- I can see your point there.
  • Were it not for the PayPal protection, reviewing seller feedback prior to purchase would take on greater importance for me.
  • I never bothered to look at a seller feedback. Then I got burned. The hassle of filing a claim and waiting to see if you get a refund and when isn't my thing. I'll be more conscious of a seller's feedback now.
  • I always leave feedback, I am new here on HipStamp, I have only received 1 feedback, but I have sold and purchased more than 1 item
    Obviously feedback is not a requirement, just a courtesy.
    Not impressed, such is life.
  • I always leave feedback, but I agree its not a requirement its just a courtesy, but here for both the seller or a buyer its a chore, because its not at all evident has to where to leave it, has to, do you have items requiring a feedback and did you receive feedbacks. To make it clear that feedbacks are more than just a mysterious courtesy stashed away at the bottom of a long column of options, it should jump to your eyes if a buyer/seller looks up its purchased/sold items. Its the same situation of lack of transparency when you look up an order, its impossible to know which item has been delivered. When you have an order of 30 to 50 items and one item is missing, the only option is to mark the WHOLE order has partially shipped! I think its time to refine Hipstamp for both the buyer and the seller in certain areas and feedback and shipping status should be combined with CLEAR visible info.
  • Hello and Happy New Year!

    You can now Leave Feedback in bulk directly on the invoice page.

    If you are a buyer, go to Members Area > Buying then click Leave Feedback on the invoice:

    leave feedback new

    If you are a seller, go to Members Area > Selling > Sold Orders and click Leave Feedback on the invoice.

    Thank you for your continued feedback and suggestions. We look forward to working with you all in 2017 and continuing to enhance the site together.
  • Ok we are making progress!
    Now let us tackle the font size to print the invoices... 1 line per item, not 3, please.
  • Justin Nice improvement...but still not A1! If a buyer receives a perfect order except for one item. He will have to leave a Positive feedback for the whole order. Items should be able to be singled out.
    This also holds through on the Shipped option. When one item is missing the whole order goes "has not shipped" and to make things worse, neither the buyer nor the seller knows which item was not shipped unless he marks it down on a piece of paper. Of course, I send an email to the buyer, but the item should, MUST be identified.
  • To all the Buyers and Sellers and hip stamp also___________Not to long ago I received a Positive feed from a buyer, and it said, I finally found out how to leave feedback and now I will give you Yours, AND HE DID!!!!!!!!! ---Now I find quite often as a buyer, I forget to leave feedback. NOT because I want not because I want to but because There is no spot that says , It is time to ([{" leave feedback."}]) Just that simple. I for get to leave feedback just because I have to go to another AREA to leave feedback. Once you are there, then you have to find the correct area to do it in. AND BELIEVE ME, I TRULY BELIEVE SELLERS, MUST GO FIRST!! AND I SIMPLY DO NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK TO SELLERS WHO DON'T GO 1ST.----------------------------SO I FIRMLY BELIEVE HIP STAMP HAS FAULTED, --------------- BECAUSE OF 1 WORD NOT BEING IN THE RIGHT PLACE.-------------"FEEDBACK"

  • Carlos I agree with you whole heartily. Gramps

  • Justin
    what you have posted above is about as easy as one can get to leaving feedback. Unless one hasn't worked out how to climb down out of the tree and walk upright.
    Feedback should be given ALWAYS.
    HipStamp is a global community, and feedback is a reference for buyers and sellers alike.
    So I live in Australia, post items off all over the world sold on HipStamp, if NO FEEDBACK is given on a safe arrival half way around the world, how in the hell do I know the item arrived.
  • Well here is one question for you.. I do leave feedback, no problem to do so but just this minute clicked the keys to fast and left positive feedback but with just the letter "e" in the comments field. complete accident.. fingers moving out of sync. because there was an e in the previous field.. any way I can edit and correct that ... ???????????
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    While we do not allow feedback to be directly edited by members, if any member makes a mistake or typo when leaving feedback they can Contact Us and we will of course promptly make the appropriate changes.
  • I, as a seller do not leave feedback until feedback is received. Receiving feedback lets me know the customer has received his/her shipment. My request is, do not leave feedback if you have a problem with the order. Notify me before leaving feedback and we can identify the problem and come to an agreement on how to correct it satisfactorily.
    Larry from Big Larry's "little" Stamp Store
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