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Well I guessed I missed seeing this until today. Perhaps this was previously discussed here but I could not find a thread that matched. I have been a member back to the StampWants days when I was a buyer and I became a seller during the early Bidstart error. Now my member since says May of 2021 ? If it was set back to when Hipstamp was started - I could understand that but why last May. This makes no sense at all. Might a well just remove that date from the profile. Does anyone understand why the change ? Thanks, Steve


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  • Its been discussed (although I can't direct you to the specific thread, and its most likely under 'bugs'). Its just something else screwed up by the techies that management doesn't address/fix.
  • You do have to wonder where the techies were found?? Perhaps a sophomore class somewhere who mistakenly thought they knew something
  • I think it's the boss' nephew...
  • I also was made member in 2021, but after writing, it was changed to the proper date...I think 2016.
  • I have complained about this a few times but keep getting the normal run around. It has changed to February 2008 a couple of times but it is back to May 2021 the same day. I just keep hearing that they are working on it and I should be patient. This isn't he only bug.
  • The previous posts on this are under "New Hip Stamp" in the Chatter section
  • Mine says member since 2011. I don't know but it is probably right.
  • The new IT people have a lot of problems. Like I said before my 9 year old grandson can code better than these idiots.
  • If I were the programmer and people were insulting me and calling me names, I would take note of who they were and make sure their listings were fucked up, sold for pennies, and contained links to porn.
  • Perhaps that might to related to why you chose a different field, John.
  • Problem is....he didn't. LOL!!!!
  • My member date has been bouncing back and forth today
  • John,

    I was a programmer also back in the day and if they were to play games like that they would be fired.

    The truth hurts.
  • Member since...yesterday? That was so long ago I can't even remember.
  • I check that date when someone posts a weird question on the forums.... so it can be important I guess. It is a bit "picky" though IMO.
  • I couldn't program a VCR.
  • Well, it's less likely a "programming" issue in this case, and more likely an overwritten data base... Programs don't "change dates", on the fly, that is data stored somewhere, so something else is overwriting it (or it's being read from the wrong instance/reference of a data table).

    Once a geek, always a geek.
    But this is more a data base administration issue than a programming one. Let's assign blame where it belongs first, and then we can fix it. ><
  • Yes the date issue is a database problem which can get messed up when programmers are messing with the base code. That is why there used to be a sandbox to do all your testing instead of trying to fix things on the fly.
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