As a cheap SOB. I like the giveaways. I have never won anything. Nor do I ever expect to. But I like the illusion. My issue, and again because I’m cheap, I buy a lot by making offers. These offers are generally accepted late at night. People have lives and need time. No problem there. But I’m retired and old. So I go to bed early. When I buy the stamp in the morning, I can’t get any more giveaway entries than one, as the every day clock resets at midnight. Any chance we get 24 hours after the offer is accepted?


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  • Bob, I feel the same. I keep imagining that I will win one of the Penny Blacks and I enter every day. I miss out on extra entries on offers and auctions that end late. I have wanted to complain but thought it would seem petty.
    Maybe there are others who agree with us. If so, add to this post.
    I think the giveaways drive traffic to the site, as intended, and keep buyers coming back to enter. And we buy stuff.
  • I've had the same experience many times. I will be busy buying and researching, late into the evening, with no thought about the giveaway. When I finish and remember to go enter the giveaway before shutting down, I will find that North Carolina has already rolled over into the next day and I have missed out on 2 or 3 extra entries. Very frustrating.
  • What am i missing? If you offer before midnight, but pay after midnight, don't you get another entry for the following day instead? Or is the additional entry(s) based on the time of the offer because that's when the transaction begins?
  • Extra entries are awarded when you spend more more money in a day. This discussion is about the meaning of the term day.
  • Maybe they could make this change. Just start the day clock when the item is paid for. Instead of when the offer is accepted. If no money changes hands there is no transaction. But at the moment they are still awarded extra chances.

    Yes, letting the seller chose when to pay also let’s him control when to get the extra entries. This does let the seller game the system a bit. But if he is buying, and that is the point of this all, then let him do it a bit.
  • So upset with myself. Finally broke down and bought a #1 this weekend. The most money I have ever spent on a single stamp and forgot the get my additional entries. Now I get it. The transaction was late in the day, and I remembered the next morning. IF (frogs had wings) a "day" was a 24 hour period starting at time of purchase...
  • I've done that same thing so many times. I do some of my best buying late in the evening. Then I go to bed. The next day I remember about the extra drawing entries, but, sorry Charlie.
    Or . . . and this is something you really have to remind yourself about . . .
    I have put a ton of money into some purchases, but use the Pay Later feature, because I still plan on shopping some more in that same store the next day. I usually forget that your free entries come once you activate "Purchase, and pay later," not when you make the actual payment.
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