Are my settings at fault?

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Just noticed that my "DB menu" icon is not appearing at upper right, but I have full access to my store, cart, etc.
Now when I make a listing, the page layout looks different, and for every edit I want to make (country, price, etc.), the browser opens a new window and requires me to click on the "previous page" arrow when I'm done. When I try to post an image, I get a black screen with the notice, "No camera found -- Choose image", requiring another couple of mouse clicks. Suggestions? Should I click my ruby slippers three times, or what?


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    Try clicking the Refresh button in your Internet Browser.
    If you're still having any difficulties, please reach out to our support team.
  • Doug,

    The whole problem with just about any issue going on is the new items in the right part of the header that takes me, with 200MB download speed, any where from 15 to 20 seconds to completely load before anything will show up right and will not let me make any changes to an item.
    To properly edit an item you now have to open the listing and wait for the page to fully load and then click the edit button after you edit it will go back to the listing. If you edit from the Data Base of your listings it will not edit properly and will just show a a blank listing form after you save the edit.
  • Today everything is back to normal. Thanks for your response, Mark, and thanks for your input, Bill.
  • No problem Doug. Been having to figure out bugs for since they first came out with windows. LoL
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