Unidentified Stamps

Can anyone help me find these two stamps? The writing seems to be all Arabic; no denomination that I can see. The stamp on the right seems to be only partially cut from a sheet with a very fancy border. I can't even tell if I've got them right-side up or up-side-down. Total mystery to me. Thanks for any help.


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    Nope, not Arabic.

    Check India States - Jammu & Kashmir

    The stamp on the left is right side up. The other, turn to the left 90 degrees.
  • Alas, Michael, I have avoided Indian States all my life. I really don't think I want to take them up at this late date. I'll give it quick look but I'm doubtful. Thanks for the help though.
  • Horay, Michael, I did find them! Just like you said, in my old (2001) Scott's catalog under Indian native fuedatory states Jammu and Kashimir. There they are bigger than life but telling what denomination they are is problematic, probably not even necessary as far as I want to get into it.
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    The color, and the Scott illustration ID is what works best for those. For the illustrations, compare the ornaments in the outer corners.
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