The far reach of HipStamp & Philately

I've bought stamps from several unusual sources (country wise) and sold to many all over the world, but today I had a first: an order for a cover from Trinidad & Tobago.
I was just curious to hear where others have filled orders with destinations seldom heard from.
(the MB's been too quiet lately, so I figured here's a way to get a discussion going...).


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  • What's an "MB"? Is it a kind of cat?

    Not too many unusual places but have gotten to know some fascinating people.
  • 'Message Board.'
  • Ah, gotcha.
  • Years ago I had a good customer for Spanish FDCs in the Canary Islands. Once upon a time I sent a model kit to a customer in New Caledonia.
  • I had an order from Guatemala. It took forever, but it finally reached him, after being diverted to Pennsylvania because that's what the Guatemala postal code told the USPS to do.
  • I have sold to Malta, Ecuador and Bahrain in the past.
  • About 20 years ago, i sold many covers,. over period of several months, to a French missionary in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso. I`ve sold to India, Pakistan (once) Japan and China. I`ve found that Buyers in the United Emirates are same day payers and always request shipments by registered mail. In the late 1990`s I sold a 1930`s Thailand (Siam) cover addressed to Liberia. I think it attracted around 15 or 16 bidders. International buyers make up 50% of my sales. The UK, Germany, the Scandinavian countries and France mostly. Switzerland, a little. Austria, maybe once a Year.

  • My first online store was with Sebastian DelCampe.. Early days before its e-Bay like demise. I had sales to Ho Chi Mihn City, Vietnam & Ulan Batar, Mongolia. Both were prompt & efficient deliveries. Many customers in Moscow too. My FAV was to a city in North Africa. I think Tunisia. The Buyer had a valid/varified address (required for Skrill & PayPal) but he had to pay dearly to a local business for its use. He asked me to write directions for the postman.. Leave with the barman at the place on the corner with the large Cinzano umbrela who is to give it the girl who comes by each morning with her coffee cart. Her name is Zoey & she will bring it to me..
    About 30 days latter. a 'glowing Feedback'
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