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For quite a while I have used a per item charge (,25 per item). I now have expanded my inventory to include some lower priced stamps. A per item charge is no longer of use to me and is actually a detriment. Is there any way I can eliminate this per item charge for my entire inventory is existance now? I would need to make a massive edit on my 2700 items. If I understand the process, a change to per item charge affects only new items. The change does not affect items entered prior to the change.


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    Tom you can do a bulk edit on your entire inventory. From your home page select listings. Then select all from the box to the left of listing. Then do a bulk edit on your postage. It will take a while to process your entire inventory, but it is done automatically.
  • Thank you John! After several years I am still learning the way hip stamp works.
  • I must be doing something wrong. I have about 2750 items that I need to delete the .25 per item charge. The only thing I had to change was ----I had to select the button that specifies all. If I did not do that I got a message that says No Items Were Selected. I then made the change to the postage and set it at 0. I did this last night. The first 50 items in my listin were changed. None of the others have been changed. should it take mote that 12 hours for the 2750 items to be changed? I guess I am not sure if I need to wait a day for the change to occur or not. What is a guestment as to how long is necessary for the change to occur. Thank you.
  • oooops1 I found the mistake. I did not reailize it was a drop down box and you need to specify All a second time. My bad! I hang my head in shame.
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