Romanian revenues?

The inscription on the one on the left, "Casa scriitorilor", apparently translates to "Writers' house". One online source says they were issued by an Official Culture Fund between 1939 and 1948.

I learned that "C. C. S. din R. P. R." stands for Consiliul Central al Sindicatelo din Republica Populara Româna (Central Council of Trade Unions of the Romanian People's Republic), supposedly dated 1957.

Anyone here know the history of these?



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  • I wonder if these are similar to Poland Workers union stamps? Example shown of Poland types - not seen yours before. are they smaller in size- designed to go in a booklet for dues? a1
  • Yes, they’re about the same size as Italian parcel post stamps.
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    most the small stamps i've run across about this size were worker related. the USA ones (Union Dues) tended to be larger. I'm thinking membership dues for charity and fund raising organizations as you mentioned were also using them. I've also seen a lot of tiny Red Cross fund raising stamps from Poland especially. also student and school aid.
  • Thanks, Jerry.
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