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  • SP - machins
  • Finished Lincoln stamp art piece - now on to Washington. It is always interesting to see how many countries around the world honor some of our historic leaders in their stamp issues. I used mostly US stamps but really liked some of the other countries Lincoln issues. Lincoln
  • You are most welcome. Love the Beatles and can't wait to see all your new pieces.
  • Mr. Washington completed! He and Abe will have a staring contest when I mount these on the wall.
    Most of these stamps were U.S. since such a great selection to choose from. I have a few 19th century ones in there (#10, 207,210,etc) which I found pretty cheap. Washington
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    I suspect your #10 is a #11.
    BTW, how do you mount the stamps? Are they reusable if the work were to be dismantled, or are they glued/stuck to a backing?
  • I think you are right. The seller sold it as "#10 or #11 ?". I mount the stamps with Super Sticky Post-it Notes cut into small pieces and folded in half. So - yes all of my stamps are "reusable". I just could not get myself to glue them to something and I am not good enough to place them in their "final resting place" the first time around. I have to move them quite often after initial placement.
  • Clever. Nice idea.
  • I was on the fence about these until Mr Lincoln blew me away. Washington is great too. You are on to something here. Thanks for sharing.
  • Thanks John. Glad you like those. Do you have any other suggestions that you think would be good subjects for this type of stamp art? Always looking for ideas. Let me know.
  • Add Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt, and you'll have "The Mount Rushmore Collection". :)
  • I thought of that - actually doing a Mt. Rushmore silhouette - but could not find one that you could actually see the distinction between the 4. So - your idea is a good one. However - are there many Teddy Roosevelt stamps out there? I will have to investigate that. Thanks again.
    I saw you had a lot of stamps at the recent auction. I hope that went well for you.
  • Latest one - Queen Elizabeth II - beginning of 70 yr Jubilee. Mostly GB stamps (lots of machins) but also stamps from Australia, NZ, Canada, Hong Kong, Rhodesia, etc. Most are very recognizable and also attractive.
    Beatles up next. Queen Elizabeth(stamppic)
  • She turned out wonderfully.
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    What I like about this art work is the randomness of the stamp placement.

    In my job, I work with a lot of natural wood and stone, or old multi colored vinyl tile floors.
    The contracts always say the material will be placed at "random"
    This a lie. If I were to place my material at random,
    it would look like crap.

    It's harder than you would think to intentionally place every single item,
    so that it looks random. This is a tell of an amateur job.
  • Yes - I think the look of randomness is enhanced when you have so many different stamps. In this particular piece - there is no 2 stamps that are alike. Maybe some have the same shape - but they are all different. Unlike some of the stamp art that I have seen that uses the same stamp (like a machin) in one color or in 2-3 colors - but predominantly the same stamp. Anyway - thanks alot for the comment.
  • Finally received all the Beatles stamps that I needed to finish this latest piece. I used a pretty famous pose of the Beatles late in their career. Most of you will recognize but since my background is a bit lighter than usual (and very groovy I might add) - it may be hard to make out. I added the silhouette that I worked from so you can see it clearer. I will probably work on the piece some more to make the individual lines of each Beatle stand out a little more.
    Anyway - I used all the Great Britain Beatles stamps that I believe have been issued and the one US issue, with most of the others from eastern European countries. I think there are some pretty interesting stamps showing the Fab 4 thru their career. The Beatles logo up top is made of various color machins. Beatles (A)
    Beatles (2)
  • That turned out so cool.
  • I updated the Beatles pic to provide a bit more definition of each person's outline. I think it is a little better. This one was really a challenge --- but at least the background is groovy! Beatles (B)
  • OK - here are the final two presidents to complete the Mount Rushmore grand slam! - Jefferson and Roosevelt.
    These were more difficult due to the lack of different stamps available - U.S. or other. Had to resort to using several duplicates. Anyway - here you go.
    That will do it for my stamp artwork for a while. Moving on to my Pope John Paul II Travels album. (documenting his 104 trips outside Italy while he was pope over 25 years. Have all the stamps issued by the host countries - but only have 38 trips documented to date! Good thing I am retired!)
    Happy collecting!
    T. Roosevelt
    Thomas Jefferson
  • Nice. You should put them on a wall in Rushmore Order, and take a shot of that. :)
  • Really great work. Agree with Scott and the showing of Rushmore order.
  • Thanks. I plan on doing that. Actually, I have a wall in my game room that I am going to hang all the stamp art on. I have about 24 of them. So - will need to get to work.
    Have a great day!
  • Love it Mark! Can't wait to see them.
  • That really is wonderful .
  • Been out of pocket for a while - but wanted to share a few more stamp art pieces.
    Owl, fish, rocket
    The fish one is a little different since the background is supposed to be like an aquarium. And the fish are very specific to match what my daughter has in her fish collection - Discus (like big angel fish - on the left), Ranchu (like giant goldfish - on the right) and Siamese fighting fish (towards the bottom). Of course, the stamps include some of these fish but mostly other types.
    The rocket one is one of my favorites - such diverse style/size of stamps and alot from the former Soviet block countries (60s & 70's) - due to the space race. I over bought on this one since there were so many cool stamps out there - probably will need to make another rocket piece at some point. Also - the flame was made with miscellaneous red stamps.

    Only one more in the works - Pony Car pic based on the new US stamp that is coming out soon.
    Will also provide a picture of the final wall of stamp art at that time.
    Have a great rest of the week.
    Rocket - final(2)
  • Ahhh... there you go tugging at the sentimental. Owl is my FAVORITE animal. Has been from my earliest memory. I love seeing them in the wild. I remember them living in our barn and the most amazing I've ever seen in the wild, a snow owl. Wish digital cameras had been made back then...
  • These are just amazing, Mark. Love the fish. On average, how long does it take you to create one picture?
  • These are spectacular! Each one is it's own right.
  • Thanks!
    Scott - glad you like the owls. I forgot that you suggested this one quite a while ago but then my granddaughter recently asked me to do an owl. Glad I did - there were lots of stamps available - once again, I overbought!!
    Jeri - the actual placing of the stamps is the easiest part. Finding the silhouette to use usually takes a while and then choosing and cutting the background is the next challenge. Finally - the most fun is going thru Hipstamps and finding all the appropriate stamps. Most sellers (like Luree) are awesome and send them right away (I get them within a week). So - by the time the stamps arrive, I have made the template and bought the frame and ready to place the stamps. A few hours later - complete.
    Thanks again - have a great day!!
  • Have you thought of doing a koala or manatee?
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