What the hey?!!....Edits not going through

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Yesterday I noticed that my listing of Canada#160, was mistakenly (mine likely) showing as #169. I opened the edit feature and made the fix. However, this morning, the listing still show#169. This has happened before, but I had assumed maybe I forgot to save the change. Have any other sellers experienced this, or is there something else I needed to do?


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  • Update...received a response from Ynez that they are aware of the problem and are working on it. So, heads up if you are making edits to check back and make sure they were made.
  • While they are working on it, how about cancelling the listing and relist?
  • Still not fixed today. I was instructed to hit the save button twice. That seems to be a workaround.
  • I too am having issues been trying for hours and same thing can't edit any listings or save drafts or even list new listings after doing everything feasible then adding a single picture it don't allow me to list new listings or edit old listings tried to by pass this without adding a picture even that don't work! Buying and selling is time consuming enough with multiple clicks per item zero options to add all in bulk that works sufficiently! I thought closing my store was 6 months and come back there would be way less issues on this platform clearly I was mistaken I am paying monthly store subscription and paying sales fees for what exactly to be neglected this community deserves better! Giving Hipstamps.com till Friday to fix there shit n get it together or else closing my store indefinitely and will sell on Ebay, Macari, Whatnot, Offerup, Etsy, LookPrior, Instagram, & Facebook!
    I'd prefer Hipstamps.com to shut down for a year and fix every dame bug in there entire Site but they never will they like cooperation thugs after only the cash not to resolve a issue just keeps accruing continually bug after bug I lost all respect for this site, Users of both buying and selling I feel bad for yall being mistreated like this and we all either pay subscription or buy from seller's yet get stomped on and zero of any kind of Reinsurance of a free Month of Store Subscriptions due to there lack of fixing issues entirely! Most the time they say email us and will gladly fix the issue in most cases after 30 days still zero response waste of time bandits!
  • Lighten up Francis!
  • Well if you like the issues so much Jail/Prison is a good fit for people of such likings LMFAO! Hipstamps.com has droped the soap on many occasions people to stupid to move on since Covid!
  • Have no issues whatsoever. Just listed some new items, no problem. Sales are good, not great, but good lately. Friendly repeat customers, etc. I'm sure there are few issues here and there...browser compatibility, browser caches, network speed, server maintenance, etc. But since you're "LMFAO", I thought that you were in light-hearted mood and will advise again....Lighten up Francis!
  • Are you doing your edit correctly? I changed price on one of my listings, hit done and then saved listing. New price appeared. I then changed the price back with another edit. No problem. I then changed title without a problem. Everything appears to be working properly. Are you saving your edit when finished making changes? Just hitting done at the top of screen, does not mean you are finished. You need to save listing to apply changes.
  • Do you think installing the hipstamp app would fix my issues?
    Making a business has never been so difficult or perhaps it's just me for not being old and condescending!
  • John I have tried doing all of that with zero success nothing clue what to do and cant contact support either some glitch in the system all over apparently! Could just be my side!
  • I don't mean to be rude or anything but living without a job and disabled trying to make a living these days can't be any tougher alot of times wish I was born in the earlier days when these old peeps had it easy and then fudged it for all the younger generations lol
  • "Could just be my side!".....Might one of smartest things I've seen you post. Occam's Razor. Or it could also be the evil dictator, Putin's fault.
  • Yeah, lol! It was a lot easier back in the day. Brett, how many times did I (and others) try and help you get going your first time around? Trashing the site is not going to help you. Taking advice from folks who know what they are doing will help you more than anything else. Humility and recognizing that you may not know everything is a good start.
  • Personally I don't like the app because it doesn't allow me to return to previous screen which is sometime useful. I don't understand how there could be a glitch in the system, when I can use it without issue. Perhaps I'm just lucky.
  • I know I'm not good with words when typing never was gotta auto context in your own words what I am trying to say no need to call me out on being dumb in literature, as for taking advice I all ways try to take advice given however if I can't use it or put it into context kinda don't help all the time maybe for 1 2 3 step direction be more useful not the College professor answer I'm not a genius need the stupid version please construction manual in pictures be useful rofl! I'm glad everyone else isn't having issues must be so awesome!
  • Nobody is calling you dumb. Just take a breath and work the problem. The HS system seems to work just fine for almost everyone. Should give you a clue that there might be something going on with your end. The simplest explanation is often the answer to the problem. Example....I had someone in my office a while back who was panicking over their internet boing down. Turns out, she had kicked the network cable off the back of her PC. Plugged it in and everything was fine. DUH.....
  • Ok I'll try restarting my phone see if that works and try to add a listings if that don't work I'll try editing a old listing see if that works if that don't work either I'll just wait till they charge me again on my store subscription see if it works then if not closing my store! Running out of options!
  • Did you try it on a PC?
    Phones are so very difficult to manage for listings.
  • It's double tough trying to do this just on a phone man. If you can get a laptop, and get access to what these listing pages were really designed for, I would suspect you can add new items 3 or 4 times faster than you can with just a phone. Crazy difficult just trying to do this on a phone only.
  • Can't imagine trying to manage this on a phone. Somehow Brett, you gotta get a computer.

    Also, since I started hotting the save button twice, ny edits have gone through.

    Only thing that hasn't changed is my sales droubt. Pushing 4 weeks.....WTF!!
  • Thank you Scott n John for the feedback Yes I plan to get a computer soon as possible perhaps I will post some juicy Stamps to help me fund for 1 & yes it is crazy difficult to list stuff with a phone alone glad you both understand my frustration for now gotta work with what I got + I did find a useful app to help me cut down on listings time a Hella lot of time searching else where the much needed information on my listings that I am lacking! + I found out a issue on my end stright talk has been having issues getting that fixed today then back to smoother sailing and Some New Juicy Listings such as Full MNH Sheets, FDC, MNH-Used Stamp Single format bulk lots, Coins to match stamps or country, World Wide & so much More 1,000,000+ in stock
    To list Basic store Subscription for now gotta hit that 100 Mark 1st and run a Giveaway for a Milestone! Ones all kinks are fixed should be easier going! Thanks again guy's appreciate you god bless!
  • Can't list using list similar tonight - titles don't stick, condition changes at random, etc. Will try tomorrow morning and double click if this persists - wonder what they changed to break the system now.....They need a sandbox to play in.
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